Organic Alkaline Juices
Organic Alkaline Juices

This project has already launched.

The Dream

Hi, My name is Crystal Polyi and I am health practitioner from Pennsylvania with over 10 years experience in holistic health. I am looking to receive funding for a small Organic Alkaline Juice store in the New Hope, Pennsylvania area. At present, I operate a small organic alkaline juice practice from my home in the Poconos region of the state. I’d love to expand my current operation, but due space restrictions and a lack of equipment I am unable to increase the types of products I offer to my clients. I know if I am able to open a store-front and invest in the proper resources I will be able to offer the most direct and diverse source of Alkaline Juices to the New Hope region. If you are an individual who is passionate about Holistic Health and the power of nutrition please consider donating to this worthwhile cause!

Why Me? As a Holistic Health Practitioner - with a passion for the powers of nutrition - Recently, I gained certification as Ayurvedic Practitioner in New York City. I am looking to bring my experiences and education in leading a healthy lifestyle to the New Hope region. I firmly believe that Holistic Health is an all-encompassing lifestyle, not a diet. As mentioned previously, the main function of my store-front will be to provide the locality with Organic Alkaline Juices.

Hope Region - my store will seek to provide easy access to these often overlooked types of medicine.

Why New Hope, Pennsylvania?

The answer is simple - New Hope has access to some of the best organic farming land in the country. Control over the source of my produce is especially important given the health requirements of the products I seek to offer. The amount of chemical compounds and antibiotics in our food supply means that knowing where your food comes from is more important than ever. It is necessary I am able to maintain relationships with and a close proximity to the farmers that will be providing my produce. This will also guarantee that all of my products are 100% fresh from the source!

Where Will Your Money Go?

Your money will go towards a host of different start-up costs for the store-front. Starting a health-based business is expensive; funds received from Kickstarter will go to a range of things including machinery, refrigeration, online purchasing capabilities, bottling equipment, prepping tables, and many additional necessities. In addition, I will need money to secure contracts with local organic farmers.


Help Me Achieve This Dream

Please consider helping me achieve this dream! With a small donation you will be able to help a certified holistic practitioner distribute organic and healthy food to the wider population! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also! With a minimum donation of $50 you will have the choice between receiving either a FREE in-season Organic Alkaline Juice of your choice or a FREE t-shirt from the store sporting the "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” motto!

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