OptiKlip Forever safe Eyewear
OptiKlip Forever safe Eyewear

OptiKlip is a Sunglasses/reading glasses accessory solution to prevent them from falling from your clothing, if you use the 'hanging in the shirt technique# that is.

my Sunglasses would always fall from my shirt, so the last time it happened I said to myself, "right had enough, I will go out and buy myself some kind of a clip to hold my sunglasses to my shirt" and I could not find anything at all along the lines I was looking for and I was not about to invest in the 'string' Laynards. So I set out and developed Optiklip.

Optiklip is small, discreet, light, pacemaker friendly, comes in 3 options Black, White and Transparent and everybody can use it!

here is a link to a bit of History about OptiKlip:


a simple presentation video, not the best quality I admit but it gets the point across:

and don't forget to look at all the pictures, there are plenty of them


the last picture is an alternative idea I have been working with, just for info. 

and here are a coouple of pictures of the prototype of the Optiklip for round neck and V neck T-shirts

me sporting the new Universal OptiKlip, and this is why I have submitted my idea to this platform is so that I can make the mold, to bring this product out on the market. Sunglasses are from Rayban..

and one last picture of the packaging....






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