A global classifieds web portal that connects users on an unprecedented scale
A global classifieds web portal that connects users on an unprecedented scale

opoLLoqo features technologies aimed at creating a more tailored user-experience and increased search functionality (including refined search technology), faster page navigation, and simpler ways of transacting online. 

Below are just a few stats we are hoping will help propel opoLLoqointo becoming a global brand recognition:
  • It covers all Nations of the World, including their various Autonomous Regions, Dependencies, Special Regions, and Territories more than all of its major competitors combined.
  • It covers more Cities and Towns worldwide than all of its major competitors combined.
  • It has a large B2B component.
  • It has a large B2C component.
  • It has a large C2C component.
  • It has a large Chatrooms unlike its competitors that have absolutely none.
  • It has more Categories and Sub-categories in its Classified Ads + Free Classified Ads section than its major competitors combined.
  • It has a large Discussion Forum unlike some of its competitors that have absolutely none.
  • It has a large eCommerce component.
  • It has large Groups unlike some of its competitors that have absolutely none.
  • It has twice as much category in its Jobs + Careers section than its major competitors.

Directly below you will find tables comprised of our major competitors.  There are actually hundreds, if not thousands of Classified Ads + Free Classified Ads websites/web portals throughout the World, but these are by far some of the largest in terms of the geographical areas covered/served, etc.

opoLLoqo will be available in all 52 languages indicated in the table below, initially. As time goes by, more languages will be added: 

Just above we have managed to describe for you the numerous aspects ofopoLLoqo in more detail… from the size of its various Autonomous Regions, Countries, Dependencies, Territories, and Special Regions, and their respective Cities/Towns, to its Categories and Sub-categories, and available Languages. And now, we want to describe our proposed web portal in other aspects:


There is no better way for us to disclose this project to potential users and customers than via Indiegogo. Not only are we optimistic but we know that we will get many useful comments which will help us to design, develop, and launchopoLLoqo: in a way we will all actually enjoy. 

Besides, there are added benefits for utilizing Indiegogo as a premier crowdfunding platform: 
 — Flexible crowdfunding options; 
— One of the World’s largest crowdfunding platforms; and 
— Safe, secure and easy to use.

We believe that innovation is its own greatest reward. So, if you are going to become a part of the campaign designing, developing and launching opoLLoqo, the World’s first and largest Classified Ads + Free Classified Ads web portal (in terms of the geographical area covered; having 300+ Autonomous Regions, Countries, Dependencies, Territories, and Special Regions), then we have got some exciting news for you. 
We have put together some wonderful perks just for you… a large assortment of perks just for you; over 30 in total which makes our perks offerings one of the largest ever on Indiegogo! Of these, there are over 20 Collectible Items… not just perks! 
All of our perk offerings come with a Certificate of Authenticity, which adds even more value to your perks should you decide to sell them in the future. 
Also, all pledges to our Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign come with a personalized Certificate of Appreciation
So, in return for your generous pledge to our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, below are images of the perks you will receive in return:




The more funds we are able to raise, the more we will be able to make opoLLoqo a global phenomenon in a unique and enterprising way. All funds raised in excess of our $300,000 goal will be used especially towards underwriting the cost of marketing opoLLoqo to both national and international users.

Frankly, the only real risks and challenges we face in designing, developing and launching opoLLoqo does not lie in the completion of this project but rather in this project not being created in the first place. So, if we raise our minimum funding goal, we do not anticipate any problems. 
 Furthermore, just as with every Indiegogo projects, there is always some unexpected risk of delay in delivering perks to Backers. However, we have been extraordinarily mindful of giving ourselves more time than we actually need. Our hopes are that we will most definitely have perks sent out to Backers sooner than has been listed herein.

Q.: What is opoLLoqo? 
A.: opoLLoqo is Classified Ads + Free Classified Ads Web Portal which is in the process of being designed and developed. Dubbed as the Amazon, eBay, Google, or Yahoo of classified ads, opoLLoqo is being designed and developed with the intent of becoming the World's first and largest Classified Ads + Free Classified Ads Web Portal in terms of its enormous size.

Q.: How long is the design and development of opoLLoqo going to take?
A.: The design and development phase of opoLLoqo would take approximately 6-months to 1-year, and thereafter enter the open beta release testing phase. The stable release will occur immediately thereafter.

Q.: Would opoLLoqo be safe?
A.: Yes! opoLLoqo was envisioned with the whole family in mind to an extent that we can say it would be safe for those 13+ to experience. So much time has been put into thinking about how users can safely utilize the site without compromising their individual safety and protection, as well as that of others. Our utmost hope is that it would be a crimes-free cyber environment. Bear in mind that we read the news and are fully aware of the good, bad, and ugly things that takes place as a result of people using the sites of our competitors.

Q.: How will the funds raised be put to use?
A.: As indicated in the "Breakdown of Expenditures" above, 100% of the funds raised would be used to make opoLLoqo a reality! We the Team Members are desperately interested in seeing this dream come to fruition as much as you our Backers do. Apart from hiring and paying Consultants, Designers, Developers, and Engineers, all the core Team Members of opoLLoqo are volunteers who are working without pay. It is the sacrifice we are willing to make in order to see our dream come to fruition.

Q.: What happens when this campaign reaches its funding goal of $300,000?
A.: When this campaign reaches its funding goal of $300,000, we will be able to accomplish just about all we have set out to accomplish… building the World's first and largest Classified Ads + Free Classified Ads Web Portal. When we become fortunate enough of exceeding our campaign goal, the better it would enable us to add even more languages, develop even more software that would makeopoLLoqo more user-friendly, among other things.

Q.: Can I pledge from outside of the United States?
A.: Yes! However, Indiegogo only accepts international credit cards, and not bank or debit cards.

Q.: Is my pledge Tax-deductible?
A.: Generally speaking, Indiegogo pledges are not Tax-deductible. This is one reason it is called a pledge and not a donation. Since Indiegogo projects offers perks in exchange for pledges, your pledge is considered to be a transaction, rather than a donation. That said, we hope that this would not keep you from getting involved… even if you just pledge $5!

Q.: Do I need to add shipping cost to my pledge?
A.: Yes! Adding shipping cost to your pledge would make your contribution go a long way.

Q.: Does it cost extra for International Shipping?
A.: Yes, it cost extra for International Shipping. Please consider including an extra amount on your shipping cost in addition to the suggested pledge amount.

Q.: I made a pledge for a perk but forgot to add shipping...  how can I fix that?
A.: If you would like to add funds for shipping, all you need to do is make another contribution and just select "No Perk, Just a Contribution." That should fix the problem.

Q.: When do I receive my perk?
A.: Some perks would be shipped out anywhere between 1 to 3-months after our campaign closes, while others such as the ones having to do with our "Digital Wall of Thanks" and our "Physical Wall of Thanks" would be fulfilled 6-months to 1-year after our campaign closes.

Q.: What if my question is not answered here?
A.: Have question that has not been answered here? Please feel free to get in touch with us at feedback@opoLLoqo.com, and we will be glad to answer your question as best as we can.

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