OPM Fitness Databook
OPM Fitness Databook

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Ever Wonder How it Feels to Stay In Shape and Healthy Every day of Your Life?

Look back at our annual year-end resolutions, and we will find a particular one popping up year after year. "Keep Fit, Eat Healthily, Exercise More" The reason it is showing is that we all fail miserably at keeping to it every single year. Throughout the year, we feel lethargic and struggle to keep up with our daily life challenges. 

If you are finally tired of this vicious cycle and want to transform your life and become a more active and energetic person, then you will need the OPM Databook.

If you have wondered how great people come into being, it's through achieving greatness in everyday life, day after day after day with tremendous, consistent efforts. With fitness, we have to understand it is not a regime or to-do, but simply a lifestyle and this is something the OPM Databook will help you get into. 

OPM, OPM, What exactly is OPM? 

OPM stands for One Punch Man, a fictional superhero character created by Japanese Manga Artist, ONE (pseudonym name). One Punch Man is an incredibly overpowered superhero in the story and is often bored with the absence of challenge in any of his fights. His disciple, Genos, once asked him about the secret to OPM's strength, he replied saying he did 100 repetitions of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats and also ran a distance of 10km every single day for three years.

Genos, who doubted his master's reply, kept a detailed notebook on every triviality of his master in the hope of learning the real secret to OPM. The OPM Databook started as a fun fan-project to recreate in real life Genos's Notebook, which evolved into something useful for the community.

Here Enters The OPM Databook

The OPM DataBook is hardcover notebook specially designed to help to motivate you to achieve workout in your daily life. The OPM DataBook is about half the size of a printer paper and weighs around 250gram to ensure its portability. It is printed on high-quality wood-free paper which is bleed resistant and also off-white to improve on readability. Each book is carefully hand-bound with faux leather cover with an elastic enclosure band and double bookmarks.

The OPM Databook provides a simple framework for achieving a consistent, frequent workout regime. There is no need for any expensive equipment to get started. This is simply the easiest way to get into being fit and healthy. If you feel stress going to the gym because you have not been exercising, get the OPM Databook and kickstart your fitness cycle today!

What is inside the OPM Databook?

The OPM DataBook comprises a 100-day consistent training Workout which can be done continuously or with rest-day breaks as required. The book is crafted to be a partner for your daily workouts as well as your daily life.

Research has shown that people spend a considerable amount of time planning and detailing in their notebooks, sometimes this affect completion of their actual tasks. We want to create a product where people will be able to spend minimal effort on the planners or notebooks and genuinely use it as a tool to get their task accomplished. The OPM Databook has been designed in this manner to streamline the planning and data recording process.

As we accumulate more workout result data, we will come to understand more about our own body, providing valuable feedback on our overall performance, and indispensable in identifying our strengths and weaknesses.

Most importantly, the OPM Databook is designed based on a habit-forming methodology, to encourage a consistent activity over more than 30 days to break the old habit cycle and form new ones. This will integrate fitness training into a new active lifestyle.

Simple Guidelines

To start, there are just a few simple guidelines and explanations on how the OPM Databook goes.

Overall Monitoring

Monitor your fitness performance to find out how well you are doing!

Daily Log Records

Record your workout results and also keep track of your day with Tasks and Reminders. Any incidents or observation can also be sketched here! 


 Attention to Detail with Premium Materials

We treat every OPM Databook with our greatest care and furnish it with the highest premium materials we can afford. Our book craftsman has many years of experience in bookmaking and mastered the artistry of the craft.

Every OPM Databook is handcrafted and carefully debossed with our company logo.
Every OPM Databook is handcrafted and carefully debossed with our company logo.


The Front Cover of OPM Databook with a debossed title.
The Front Cover of OPM Databook with a debossed title.


High Premium Quality Black Faux-Leather covers the OPM Databook.
High Premium Quality Black Faux-Leather covers the OPM Databook.



 Additional Details about OPM Databook:

  • Habit Forming Methodology - Research has shown that with repeated actions over a period of 30 days, habits cycle can be broken to re-learn new habits.
  • Un-dated Layout - Designed to be flexible in usage so you can start and stop anytime without sacrificing any pages of your book.
  • Record of EEO - Record by sketching something meaningful or even trivial of any Events, Encounters or Observations (EEO).
  • Coupons Tracking - Be in the know on the latest meat and vegetable promotions by keeping the coupons from local marts.
  • 2-week Calendar - Keep track of dates of the current and following week. 
  • Wood-Free Paper - Bleed resistant quality and also has anti-glare properties
  • Dimensions - Designed to be portable and Measures at W140mm by H200mm or W5.5in by H7.8in

Safety Briefing

The OPM Databook is a motivator for a simple and achievable workout regime to enrich our lives to be more active in general. It is designed as a 100 session workout regime paced over a period 150 to 200 days. The OPM workout does not necessitate working out on a consecutive daily basis. Rather, it adopts a "Listen To Your Body Approach", requiring users to stop any form of training immediately when discomfort is felt. Resting is encouraged and Doctor should be consulted if needed. It is essential to take a long-term view of fitness instead of a temporary phase. 

For people who are attempting to work out the first time in their life, this is going to be really tough. It is also expected that beginners would not be able to complete the full OPM Workout in a single session at the start. Having said that, everyone should approach each session to do it with maximum effort even if the target is not reached. After about 20-30 sessions, everyone can improve the pace of their OPMWorkout and get better timings. 

  • Targets of 100 repetitions of pushups, squats and situps are meant to be motivational in nature, you can go higher or lower, but you must seek to improve as you go on. This will show in the recorded data
  • 10KM Runs can be completed in a single go or can be split into 2 sessions in the morning and evening. Again, depending on individual fitness level, we should always start slower and pace ourselves to improve.

Essentially, the OPM Workout is an opportunity for everyone to understand your own body, then you can move forward to strengthen it by more advanced workout or visiting the local gym!

How to Pledge?

To pledge for a reward is easy. First, you need to decide on a pledge reward and then simply back us at the specific pledge tier price. There are special prices which we included to thank backers who supported us early on in the campaign. To complete the pledge, please add shipping cost as well. We have tried as much as possible to reduce the cost of the OPM Databook to mitigate the high cost of shipping globally for our backers.



We had the idea of creating this book sometime in June this year. Right now, after much efforts and great teamwork, we have finally finished design and prototype of the book. Through your support in raising enough funds on Kickstarter, we brought this idea to reality and proceed to production! We target to ship all rewards before the end of 2017!

One Punch Man Fitness Fans

One Punch Man is one of the rare fictional manga and anime characters that truly inspires an entire generation of otakus and fans to start working out for once. This is ironic by how manga fans usually prefer less strenuous activities or staying indoors and now many are actually sweating pumping their pushups. If the OPM workout can become a cult status for otakus and spreading to frequent gym goers, we think that it has some positive elements which we can draw upon. We want to spread this message of putting in the daily effort to take charge of our body and have an enriching and active life to the world!!


In the manga story, OPM continued to train his body every single day for three years to the extent of vomiting blood. At the end of his training, he lost all his hair, became bald, but gained overwhelming strong physical power.

The OPM Databook and the entire team understand the difference between fiction and reality, and we do not encourage continuing any form of physical training if any discomfort is felt. Please take a rest or consult doctors as required. We are also not responsible for any hair loss that results during or after the duration of the OPM Workout. Any collateral damage or any harm caused to the public due to gaining of any powers due to OPM Workout shall be the sole responsibility of the user.

If no power or whatsoever is gained after the OPM workout, please look out for OPM Databook Vol. II and continue to train :)

This project is created independently by the artist's fans and has no direct support or endorsement by him.

Who Are We

We are a small team of young designers coming from all over the place. Currently, we are based in Singapore, South-East Asia region, with all its diversities and culture mashing of Western and Eastern, in a fabulous land of hot and wet climate!

Evil Supplies Co. was born out of a desire to make quality products which people can find useful to better their lives. We take alternative and less apparent approaches to design thinking and ponder about today's culture, technology, people and its relevant products.

Risks and challenges

Our team come from a background of design, prototyping and manufacturing so we know how things work in these waters.

However, as with any large-scale manufacturing endeavour with a global shipment, there are always hiccups which could potentially delay our shipping day. As the saying goes; "Expect the Unexpected to happen", we have a few ideas where things might go wrong to prevent them from happening.

This is our first Kickstarter campaign and if it is successful, we are absolutely committed to getting our backers their rewards.

We are working with a very experienced printing company based in USA who has a history of consistently delivering quality products on time. They definitely have our trust for the production.

What I can promise you is this: 
- You will definitely receive your reward, and we will do all in our means to make it so. 
- Updates and open communication throughout and after the campaign.

The biggest risk for this campaign is a delay, due to fulfilment and shipment internationally, each country might encounter different issues at the custom.

If there are any problems that come up, please immediately contact us.

We are a new company and will do our very best :)

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