OpinionApp Evolution
OpinionApp Evolution

This project has already launched.

Opinion App Voting Platform for English Readers

This project was born it the target of create a neuronal network between all the people connected to Internet. With almost 7 billions of human beings, and around 30 years-old of the existance of Internet, it is time to create THE BIG BRAIN. This term has been baptized by us to speak about this new "alive awareness" who is very recently waking up. 

To simulate the same behaviour of a neuronal network, the stimuli are the questions. You drop a question to your brain, and your neuronal network gives you an answer, or several answers with different weight. 

This is the real purpose of this platform: to serve to the recently born Big Brain, in where we, as users, are part of the neuronal network as a neuron.

Here, every user can vote or answer to the question in a secret way. Nobody will know your vote. This is the main difference related to others voting platforms. 

We are growing a lot in the Spanish Market with Spanish languages, but we want to open this project to English Speakers, and countries like USA, UK will be very well-received.

Lots of organizations will use this app in short-future for free in order to measure their audience: TV Programs, Radio Programs, Press, Webpages, Youtubers, and eventually in a private way.

We still have a long path to make this dream coming true. We need a set of programmers to be working on this 100% during a couple of years. We already spent all our money in this (more than 30.000 euros), and need more to continue with this amazing project which we are pretty sure will change the new paradigm of the Opinion very shortly. 

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