Operation Miracle-Smartphone Expansion Keyboard
Operation Miracle-Smartphone Expansion Keyboard

This project has already launched.

Using your Smartphone to replace your computers is the latest computer trend, but don’t pay the high price for the docking stations or lack of functions USB to HDMI cable. There is a new Smartphone Expansion Keyboard (SEK) available to cover functions of Docking + Charging + HDMI to Monitor + USB Port Expansion. Now live on Kickstarter!

Whether you are a Journalist, a Blogger, Sales or simply someone who has to do a whole lot of typing, the SEK is your most handy tool.

If you are a Journalist or Blogger, dock your phone to the SEK and instantly access the pictures, videos and voice recordings you have taken on your phone; no more transferring files from your phone to your computer before you can start working, not even the need to go through cloud where internet access is required.

Doing Sales presentations on the SEK via the HDMI Interface is a breeze. Simply connect a projector or a large screen TV through the SEK and your presentations is immediately shown on screen.

Because your phone is physically connected to the SEK, there is no delay or lag like you do with Bluetooth or Wireless Interfaces that often causes many typing errors due to lags that makes typing using a wireless keyboard a hassel. Your typing is shown “real time” on screen without lag using the SEK, eliminating a lot of trouble.

The Early Birds Pledge Reward on the SEK is only $60. Imagine the money saved on not needing a computer at home or office is more than enough for a phone upgrade with money left in your pocket.

There is also a limited number of “Refer Us and Save” Reward for anyone who find the SEK Keyboard useful and share on any form of social media platform. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blog or Forum will qualify for the special pledge.

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