Open Stepper Driver
Open Stepper Driver

This project has already launched.


This product is able to drive a wide range of stepper motor, from NEMA 17 to NEMA 42 with a maximum output current of 6[A]/phase and 48[VDC]. The board is developed in Switzerland.

What we offer:

We want offer a open source stepper motor driver board with high current capabilities and a very smooth controller provided by the Texas Instruments®‘s motor driver IC. By simply change the MOSFET transistor, or by add a cooler, the board can easily handle more current. This board is designed to be easily and fast installed without difficult parameters.



  • Isolated inputs
  • PWM micro-stepping Motor Driver
    • External MOSFETs guarantee high efficiency and high thermal dissipation.
    • Automatic Mixed Decay (automatic current control) assure smooth movements and low vibrations.
  • Stall detection
  • Working voltage from 10V to max. 48V
  • Built-in logic power supply
  •  Wide range of selectable currents
  •  Control motor up to 6A / phase
  • Protections and diagnostic:
    • Over-current protection (OCP)
    • Over-temperature shut-sown (OTS)
    • Under-voltage lock-out
    • FAULT LED indicator for issues
    • STATUS LED indicator for a precise issue description

Application’s Fields:


  • Office automation machines
  • Factory automation
  • Textile machines
  • Robotics
  • CNC machines

Product Time Line on Kickstarter:

Current analysis:

Here we can see the difference between a control with only 2 micro-steps and with 256 micro-steps.

Winding A current with 2 micro-steps

Winding A current with 256 micro-steps

Thanks to the TI’s driver IC, our control board can precisely drive any kind of stepper motor, with very smooth movements and low vibration.

Easy control:

You can simply control the motor with a pulse generator:

This kind of interface control is the most commonly used in stepper motor driver, this guarantee high compatibility with the most famous interfaces like Arduino GRBL, or with a parallel port / breakout board, LinuxCNC, Mach3/2 and UCCNC.

Easy setup:

This board is designed for be easily and rapidly installed, you need only to set the DIP switch for the current and micro-steps desired.

After goal:

If the campaign goes well, we will ship the products within two months. If there aren’t problems, we should be able to ship them earlier.


We dispatch the board from Switzerland and ship worldwide. The shipping fees are listed with the rewards and will be added during checkout. You are responsible for any taxes, customs charges, etc. required by your country. We will attach the bill to the parcel with its real value (what you paid for it). This should minimize any delay in case it gets processed by customs.

Open Project:

When we reach the goal, we will release the complete Kicad project, firmware and user manual.

  1. Schematics Rev C
  2. PCB Rev C
  3. 3D Component Models

Risks and challenges:

The Open Stepper Driver project has its complexity.


  • PCB production, assembling and quality assurance.


  • Shipment to different countries: EU, US, CANADA, UK and others.
  • CE / FCC Certifications

Swiss TI Lab uses all its knowledge for final products delivery in the estimated time. We have already started final manufacturing procedure for reduce the time needed at the end of Kickstarter’s founding.




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