This project has already launched.


OODIO’s focus is to support businesses of all sizes by increasing awareness in the community around creative creation and to stimulate growth in a market that promotes the arts in Canada, by driving new and established artists to recording studios and creative spaces that cater to unique needs. 

Conceptualized in 2015, based in Mississauga, Ontario, Oodio is a marketplace app/website where studio owners and artists alike can list, explore, and book creative spaces all over Canada, online or from a mobile phone or tablet.From recording studio to rehearsal spaces, Oodio connects artists to personalized creative experiences nearby, at price points that fit within any budget. And with a committed, growing community of users, Oodio is the easiest way for studio owners to monetize their space and showcase to an audience that is growing daily. Now, by simply owning a recording studio, rehearsal space or other creative space, users can start a lucrative business by using Oodio. We’ve made it easy for studios, both large and small, to boost their revenue and fill those empty, un-booked hours by listing on Oodio.

I've spent years as a producer and songwriter on top of my coding ability and graphic design life. But I LOVE mixing records so I thought why not use my skills to get OODIO off of the ground. I'm willing to mix and master backers songs, design artwork and even create attractive premium e-commerce enabled webpages to make it all happen. 

I've spent the last year building the platform and now it is FINALLY ready! But it's one thing to have a product but another for people to know it exists. So the funding for this project will go towards marketing.

I believe that stimulating a movement within the arts in Canada is important. And creating a platform to bring all of our creatives together is my mission.

Risks and challenges

I can't foresee any potential risks currently. I've built Oodio from the ground up and it's availability is totally controllable. There is a demand for a suitable platform for businesses to be able to manage and market their recording studio businesses. That does not go away.

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