Online E Commerce Business
Online E Commerce Business

This project has already launched.


Deploy Express is a new, innovative, and tech-savvy drop shipping business inspired by the next generation of entrepreneurs looking to increase advanced product availability to those in impoverished communities at a low cost.


What are our objectives?‚Äč

With your generous donation, we will utilize the resources given to us to further promote our company, lower the cost of our products for those in need and continue to serve as a lending hand to those that struggle financially. Once our business gets on its feet financially, we will begin to make regular donations to charitable foundations and homeless shelters.

Why is our company different from the pack?

Deploy Express is proud to say that we only supply products that have anextensively great record in terms of overall safety, quality and customer satisfaction so customers can be ensured that they never have to send something back!


What we need & What you get .

As a business hampered with overwhelming startup fees and equipment expenses, we need YOUR help to launch our business and with it look forward to spreading the message that “We all need somebody to lean on”. We are looking at a $6000 US funding goal. Donations surpassing the goal are most welcome and much appreciated. Remember, a donation even as small as a $1 counts and would be greatly appreciated! As for the contributors, there are tokens of appreciation that will be available to you upon your donation and for every $50 dollars donated, you will receive a complimentary T-Shirt with your name on the back and our company logo on the front!

What will we do with the funds?

Below are the necessities that the funds will be going towards in order to get the business  up and running.

Employee Training is one of the biggest expenses to starting our business, as we hire new people to enter in our business, we must train them using the same great training mechanisms we were trained with, which include books, seminars and tutorials on how to do the job correctly. The estimated expense for new employee training are estimated to cost three thousand dollars.

Technological costs also contribute significantly to our expenses, including the purchasing of newer technological gadgets to further enhance our professionalism when conversing with clients. Along with the cost of newer technological equipment, the costs of building a secure website contribute to our expenses. The reason for the creation of a highly secure website used for transactions would be to prevent anyone with malicious intent from stealing and releasing the information of our customers - something we take very seriously. The overall technological expenses are estimated to cost three thousand dollars.

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