Online Crypto currency exchange rate
Online Crypto currency exchange rate

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Crypto currency quickly broke into the world financial markets, claiming its rights to its high demand along with the traditional currency. After the success of the bitcoins, the global market of crypto-currency is replenished daily with new altcoyins. Over the past six months, more than 500 new types of crypto currency have been created, and the process of generating digital coins continues to gain momentum.

The world market capitalization of the crypto currency exceeded $ 700 billion, which gives grounds for bold forecasts on its further growth. For comparison, only in the US the total volume of bank deposits is estimated at $ 3 trillion, while the capitalization of the world securities market reaches $ 86 trillion. Against the backdrop of these data, the market capitalization of the Crypto currency looks like a novice player among experienced and venerable professionals.

Nevertheless, the price of crypto currency is characterized by a predominantly steady growth. For example, the quotation of the most popular bitcoin in a short time soared many times, which led to an increase in demand for this type of crypto currency, and also stimulated the emergence of new altcoins - alternative digital coins.

How to learn the online currency exchange rate?

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What factors affect the course of the Crypto-currency?

Of course, supply and demand are the main factors that affect the course of cryptogeny. It is difficult to say how well the technical analysis on the crypto-currency market works. Vysokovolatilnye fluctuations in the course of digital coins, as a rule, due to the information background. From what source and how much the positive or negative information depends on the demand for a particular currency.

In addition, there is a certain directly proportional dependence of the course of altcoyins on Bitcoin. In most cases, with a decrease in the rate of Bitcoin, the rates of almost all altcoins fall with an even greater percentage. Rates of only some crypto currencies can grow relative to BTC, which may be due to good news at this time and specifically for these digital coins.

For example, the message of the People's Bank of China on the suspension of all ICO (Initial Coin Offering), conducted on Chinese platforms, led to a sharp decline in Bitcoin's rate, followed by an even greater percentage of altoquin courses. In other words, the Central Bank of China has officially recognized the primary placement of tokens crypto-currency as an illegal operation. After that, some major Chinese exchanges announced the termination of trading.

Determining the legal status of the Crypto-currency in any country is a very positive factor for the upward movement of the exchange rate. Japan became the first country in the world to recognize Bitcoin and some altcoins as official means of payment. In many countries, the status of crypto currency is in the definition stage, including in Ukraine and Russia.

Also, the positive news for Bitcoin and certain altcoyins are the appearance of crypto-ATMs, the addition of new coins to large exchanges, aggregation with payment systems, the use of crypto-currency and Blockchain technologies by large world corporations in various fields, the implementation of crypto currency plans by some developers for implementing new ones technical options and much more. Ie, the more crypto-currencies become a part of everyday life of citizens of different countries, the more their value and value grow.

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