Oni (English Edition)
Oni (English Edition)


Welcome to Treesharp Games' first of several current gaming projects. Oni is a chaotic light party game with a Japanese feel, for 3-6 "mischievous" demons (Oni). Oni was designed by professional graphic artist Sebastian Koziner and illustrated by professional illustrator Rocio Ognenovich. They originally released the game in Argentina only and now we are proud to offer this beautiful game elsewhere. We are sure you currently don't have anything like ONI in your gaming library and are confident you will enjoy it completely. Thank you for your interest and please consider backing our project when it goes live in just a few weeks.

In Old Japan during spring it’s a big celebration, and while everybody wonders while watching the flowers bloom, the Oni, twisted and legendary creatures, fight each other to see who makes more mischievious endeavors before somebody catches them... who will be the winner?

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