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Made for sports and travel. First of its kind body care product, which is natural, shelf-independent and spill-proof. Made in Germany.

You have an open mind and lead an active lifestyle – then OneSoap will become your thing. OneSoap is a first of its kind solid hair and body wash, you will hence take along on your voyages, in your sportsbag  or simply use to replace a lot of the products you used before.

The formulation has been developed and tested by Dr. Mark Berlin, a pharmacist and Dr. Azat Samigullin, a medical doctor. According to our experience, the 75g will last you longer than many of the full-sized liquid products.

We have selected only first class ingredients >99.9% of which are natural. OneSoap's scent comes exclusively from etherial oils and can be best described as freshly cut juicy lime.

The only "colouring" is activated carbon, which gives OneSoap its beautiful shiny black colour. OneSoap has not been tested on animals.

Its innovative packaging makes OneSoap the first convenient-to-use solid hair and body wash. Thanks to the suction-cup-cap you will no longer be dependent on shelf space in the shower.

Because it is a solid, OneSoap does not fall under liquid restrictions for carry-on luggage at airport security and cannot spill into your bag ruining all the other contents.

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