One Wrong Step
One Wrong Step

This project has already launched.


All it takes is one wrong step to change your life forever.

Set in the middle of the Ukrainian conflict; One Wrong Step is the story of a conflict journalist as she is forced to reflect on the choices of her past.

This short film was at the end of its pre-production when our Exec Producer ran off with our budget of $7700....not cool. So in order to keep the project alive, we're trying to source funding through crowdfunding!

Help us Internet! You're our only hope!

Sarah is a conflict journalist who's always been on the move; sometimes at the cost of her personal life. While on assignment covering a conflict in Eastern Europe, an accident forces her to stand still for the first time. While waiting beyond hope she is forced to reflect on her choices and how they culminated in her current situation.

One Wrong Step is a short drama/thriller written and directed by Conor Loftus. Set in war-torn Ukraine, the film uses the protagonist's reckless action to initiate a truly unique character study.

Billz. Cheddar. Mullah. In essence: funding. To make up our budget we're turning to you for help! All funds gained through this campaign will go towards:

  • Location Rental - $600 per day ($1200)
  • Costumes - $700 Make-Up/SFX - $200
  • Prop Rental/Construction/Purchase - $2000
  • Set Costs (Tent, Chairs, and table rentals, etc) - $150
  • Equipment Rental (Camera, Lenses, Grip, Audio, etc) - $1500
  • Craft/Food - $150
  • Expenses (transportation) for cast and crew - $1300**
  • Festival Entry Costs- $500

**As a note to the crew expenses, I'm not including myself. As director/writer I'm covering my own expenses for the production.

The goal is pure and simple: Make the film, and get it out in the wild!

Risks and challenges

Film production is not an easy gig. Independent film production is even tougher.

To make sure that the process is as dialled as possible, Conor has spent as much time producing as writing and directing - to ensure that everything is accounted for when we get the green light for production.

Complicating things further is fact that the subject matter of the film is somewhat sensitive. We've already had some heavy criticism from parties who really don't want to discuss the Ukrainian conflict - but we feel that it's an important topic to discuss; an unresolved conflict that deserves more awareness.

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