Design Your Own Bow Tie
Design Your Own Bow Tie

The right Bow Tie will transform Your outfit to quirky and confident. Especially when it's literally One of a Kind!

Ladies and Gents!

The spring is coming, and we are bringing a fresh and exciting project to You!

I truly believe that a Bow Tie is that special accessory, created to emphasize the singularity and uniqueness of your outfit. That's why I would like every bow tie lover to have a distinctive, literally One of a Kind peace, in his/her collection. This means, that I will create more then 100 absolutely different bow ties and pocket squares for you to choose from, as well as give you an option to create your own design, signature bow ties and more!

To start with, let me tell you about fabrics I use... I love using Japanese and Italian premium cottons, which I hand-pick in the best fabric places in Toronto. Quality is my priority, that's why I hand stitch each peace.

When it comes to my projects, I am doing everything myself, from “hunting” for the new fabric, to sewing, photography, packaging and taking care of accounting, graphic design and social media. I believe that every person deserves something unique, one of a kind, and I also strive to make this uniqueness affordable for everybody.

My main aim now is moving to "the next level", by renting a small shop/studio Downtown, where I would be able to work and also engage with my customers.

So, WHAT are YOU getting for making my dream closer?


As I mentioned earlier, I think that it would be awesome for everybody to be the only owner for something unique. That's why, by the end of the project, I will upload more then 100 different bow tie designs on the website, and You will choose Your One of a Kind.


Get even more creative, by designing Your own Bow Tie!

All you need, is:

  • Choose the shape:
  •  Choose if you would like a pre-tied or self-tie bow tie:
  • Send me a picture, or a pattern that you would like to be used. As an option, you can make a signature bow tie (with the name or initials on it), save the date...Be creative! We will discuss every single detail, to make your bow tie a real masterpiece!

    After I get the pattern and all the other information from you, I will contact my suppliers in the USA, to get the custom-printed fabrics (Premium quality cotton). Please note, that it will take around 30 days for the fabric printing and shipping to me.

    Project Deadlines

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