One Crust™ by All Real Meal
One Crust™ by All Real Meal

One Crust™ by All Real Meal™ is the ‘first to the market’ creation of Sonia Farris and Kasia Lojko, owners of All Real Meal™. All Real Meal, LLC is an award-winning healthy meal delivery service that provides gluten free, farm-to-table, fully cooked meals all over the state of New Hampshire in the United States.

For the past three years, our passion has been creating inspired beautiful food for conscious eaters. One Crust™ is our best selling cauliflower pizza crust we developed using nutrient dense superfoods and locally sourced super fresh cauliflower. Produced from just cauliflower, flax, chia, almonds, coconut flour, olive oil, and our blend of seasonings. This crust is mega delicious and super packed with Omega 3’s, phytonutrients, superior plant based protein, and fiber! One Crust™ has less than 4 carbs and only 207 high energy calories per serving. It also happens to be delicious. Like, crazy yummy! So we're going to expand out of our local delivery area, and into your homes and grocery stores! 

Why One Crust™?

  • NOURISHMENT: The food that you eat is the most divine and basic self-care. We are providing high vibing food that will ENERGIZE you and help your body remain in harmony.

  • CREATIVITY: This crust is a blank canvas for your culinary creation! The process of preparing food promotes mindfulness, imagination, and bliss. We get you started, but ultimately you’re going to choose the fresh organic toppings to really bring this to life and design your own meal.

  • GIVING: Every crust is going to give back big time to Women Empowered. Women Empowered is an absolutely spectacular initiative dedicated to promoting the economic and social empowerment of women. Near and dear to our hearts, Women Empowered enables determined women to become powerful agents of economic and societal transformation within their communities. We can’t tell you how much we love this and relate to these beautiful women and their desire to band together in community and love, and to develop strong ethical businesses.  

Cauliflower crust is absolutely scrumptious and super good for you (less than 4 net carbs and only 207 calories per serving) but it is also difficult and time-consuming to prepare. With One Crust™ we take care of  the hard part and lovingly prepare your cauliflower crust, then you get a nourishing blank canvas for creating a superb meal! 

We are launching our Kickstarter and opening up pre-orders for One Crust™ VERY SOON! Leave us your email address and we'll send you an EARLY INVITE to the launch. BE ONE OF THE FIRST to try our high vibing flavorful VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE crust, then add your toppings and create the meal that YOU want, according to the way YOU eat. Whether you’re vegan, paleo, don’t eat gluten, don’t eat dairy, don’t eat GMO’s or just don’t eat anything that isn’t super luscious and satisfying…you will LOVE this crust! It is truly ‘One Crust’ for ALL. (oh and by the way, WE LOVE YOU!)



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