On the Bus Podcasts' - Season 2 - South America Tour
On the Bus Podcasts' - Season 2 - South America Tour

This project has already launched.

About this project

Welcome to 2017, the Information Age; the dawn of virtual reality, cryptocurrency, and biotechnology. And while the information age is heavily upon us and ripe with technological benefits, nothing beats an in person communication and experience.

That's why we have decided to take our podcast on tour to South America. In our first 32 episodes we interviewed and shared conversations with great young Americans doing unique things on their path to success. Our show will be the same Bus you fell in love with, including a wild and rangy new set of guests. 

Who We Are

There are some common misconceptions about our generation. "Entitled, lazy, and misguided," is some of the stereotypical jargon often beset upon us. A generation of nomads, lost and seeking redemption. "They barely want to work at all," one major publication states. But Is it true? 

We set out on a mission to showcase that YES, our generation is plagued by an intrinsic desire to gain more from their lives. We set out to show that today's young adults are redefining the public opinion of work. That they are working not just harder than ever before, but they are working differently. That in a culture of access to technology, information, and transportation -- they are building their dream job. That you can niche, become, learn and work from anywhere you want. 

On The Bus Podcast is a medium to interview, converse, and share stories with other young adults living out their dreams. We find people who have unique career paths, that are successful and filled with insight, to sit down and share conversations with them. But the podcast is more than that, its engaging in the experience. 

We believe that collaboration and relationships are drivers for innovation and happiness. Open sources and shared spaces allow for mutually beneficial relationships that in turn expedite growth. A spider would be lost without a web. In collaborating with our guests we can better research, develop, and understand their struggles and skills to share them with the world. For example, after we spoke with a U.S. bobsledder - he took us to his sled workouts and trained us.

  • Brandon Reese is an ex-collegiate and professional basketball player with sales, nutrition, and education skills. 
  • Brandon has a blog called The Nomadic Bus Driver found here
  • Daniel Blum is an ex-collegiate punter, professional poker player, and entrepreneur with a background in resource economics and manufacturing. 
  • Both of us are human optimizers, travel junkies, early-adopters, and most importantly: lovers of sharing the human experience. 

How We Will Operate

We will be traveling South America to meet some pre-determined guests as well as find interesting new people along the way to bring on the show. Time will be spent learning from and going on adventures with our guests and often hosting podcasts in remote locations (picture a podcast On or off the bus in the Salt Flats of Bolivia). There will be podcasts live and via Skype when needed. There will video content of experiences with our guests and video recordings of podcasts from the bus posted to Youtube. We have a sound engineer in the States that will receive a repository of backup files for editing and make posts for us if/when we are unable to connect and upload. 

It is also important for us to give back as much as possible along the journey. Many places we visit will be with the intent of helping the community in some shape or form. We have pre-arranged such activities as: building houses, WWOOFING, and bringing food to flood victims.

Where Does the Money Go

The pledge money will be used to fund the purchase and design of the bus to make it mobile as well as to produce quality audio on the journey. In order to continue bringing content while making our studio mobile, your donations will go towards:

  • Flight to South America
  • Purchasing the Bus
  • Building the Bus 
  • 1 New Microphone
  • Wi-Fi, Satellite, and a Camera

Pledge money will also be used to create some of your awesome rewards. Reward dates are expected 75% sooner than listed on all rewards. 

Some Guests We Have Prepared

  • Sauce chef in the Amazon that uses ant stingers for spice
  • A big cat sanctuary trainer in Bolivia
  • Astrologist in the Atacama Desert of Chile

Introducing us to potential podcast guests or even finding us friends to share a meal with is another great way to contribute to this campaign

And remember... You're either on the bus... or off the bus. 

Risks and challenges

Building the bus to contain studio quality sound and allow for us to run technical and electrical power requires quality framework.  
In order to host guests and incubate other collaborators (video and audio) we will need to create suitable living quarters that combine living with productivity and a studio. This includes quality air conditioning to make the guests comfortable.

To put up high quality content in locations with limited connectivity. 

Illnesses like Malaria. Water quality. 

There are many perils on the road especially with a bigger vehicle that may hinder the podcast. These include: Theft and Burglary of studio equipment, inclement weather postponing travel, bus breaking down, alternative routes due to small roads. 

Finding Supplies to build the bus. The bus will be built either in Colombia or Chile. We have an experienced network in both places to guide the building of the bus. 

When we hosts episodes outside of the studio (in remote locations) we will be battling the elements that will effect sound quality. These include wind, random noises, etc. 

Another challenge is earning income along the way. We have affiliate revenues for sales we make through affiliates for products we use and truly believe in. We are also arranging to WWOOF, work as gauchos, surf instructors (to name a few), and to stay and work with family and friends networks along the path. Furthermore, we both have freelance capabilities (and job opportunities) whenever needed.

Brandon's father, an experienced mechanic, will be flying down and helping us build out the bus. We have an engineer who will design the bus blueprints. We have spent months identifying locations of buses for purchase, we have a few options readily available in Cartagena or Santiago, and a network of people in both places. Security is a risk and we have taken the proper steps to store everything securely digitally.

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