Record Your Next Track or Album With On Point Studios
Record Your Next Track or Album With On Point Studios

As musicians, we understand the struggles that new artists go through when trying to follow their dreams and make a name for themselves. That's what we're about and that is what we designed our services to address. One of the biggest barriers for new artists is the costs related to producing and album.

Recording studios are expensive, which makes it difficult for up and coming artists to get their music 'radio ready.' On Point Studios has a solution that circumvents the high cost of a professional recording studio.

Our Mission is to provide artists who come to our studio with an affordable way to produce radio ready music and professional demos so they can focus all their resources on performing and promoting their music.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • We charge a modest flat rate per song fee – not by the hour, because we believe in producing the best quality product and it should not be rushed with a costly hourly mindset.

  • By charging per song, as opposed to by the hour, we are able to offer our artists superior service. Because our pricing model is capped at a fixed rate, our fees come in at half the cost of a typical recording studio. We put creativity over profit.

  • Our engineer has 20+ years experience and works with you as a producer to make your songs even better

  • Worldwide mixing and mastering services

  • We provide our artists with public relations support through our online presence and special events and opportunities we are associated with

  • We offer live and mobile recording to produce live albums or demos and support the artists in sounding the best at a performance

Why We Need Help From Kickstarter

In order to help more up and coming musicians we need your help. Currently our studio capacity only allows for a small portion of the artists we want to help. By funding our project, you will allow us to expand our studio and buy the equipment needed to help a lot more artists.

Our Costs:

  • New workstations for studio - i7 32g RAM, multiple internal and external hard drives, dual monitors for each workstation

  • New upgraded recording interfaces to integrate with ProTools, Studio One Professional, Logic and Cubase

  • Expand studio space to allow to us to sign and work with more artists

  • Upgrade other studio equipment - mics, speakers, etc...

  • Studio drum kit and cymbals - more convenient for bands and artists to have a high end studio kit

  • Promotions and marketing for artists signed with us


What We Will Give Back In Exchange For Your Support

For your support we will basically submerse you in our world of music in a number of ways. We will bring you into the On Point Studio family where we will help you write, record, mix and master your own recording tracks. You will get VIP tickets to live events where you will meet everyone on the local music scene, including some of Utah's most promising recording artists. We will even write and produce a song for you. Our price points are deeply discounted during our crowdfunding campaign. Check out the reward section for details on all the cool perks we are offering.

Record Your Own Single or Album in Our Studio

Have a Song Written For You or Someone You Love

VIP Tickets To Live Events

On Point VIP Apparel


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