"OmniaDress 2Go" - ultimate convertible dress is back on KS!

Omnia 2 Go can be transformed to more than 20 different functional styles. We choose 10 basic looks to provide you the best Omnia experience. And don't forget to create your own style :)

The Omniadress 2Go is not a regular dress, it's a unique dress system. It consists of the double-sided top part, skirt part, and the regulating cord.

The unique dress system gives you the ability to change the lenghth of dress, the color of the top, and, of course, the style of your dress.

Even pregnant woman can easily use Omnia 2Go

Amazing discounts for early supporters. By selling directly to you online, we eliminate all excess spending. You can become Omnia's owner with 50% discount.

Kickstarter has provided us with a wonderful platform to connect with backers like yourself. Since we’re manufacturing the product and delivering it directly to you, we can cut out all excess costs and give you the best product and the most affordable price possible. Also we made special retailers packs. 60% discount for early supporters. So, if you want to work with us you can start it here. Shipping will be started from Ukraine for all countries.

 We are the high-experienced team of AGE brand. We have more than 5 years of accessories and apparel manufacturing experience. Our team have successfully finished 4 kickstarter campaings. All backers have received rewards in time and making sure of the quality of our products.

Omnia 2Go team

 Nowadays, it's very popular trend to optimize your life and minimize the daily worries. In our opinion apparel also requires serious optimization.We present ourself not only as the fashion brand. The mission of our company is to help ladies optimize their lifestyle, make it more comfortable and easy. Translated from the Latin, the Omnia means "everything", in the literal sense. This is the best characteristic for our dress. The logo in the form of water drop means the fact that water, as well as our dress, takes many forms, adapting to the external conditions. Our design is as simply as iphone curves. But in both things you will find dozen features, because less is more. Omnia - your magic dress!  

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Risks and challenges

Our manufactory has already produced 2 small runs of our Omnia dress 2Go, and has done significant testing. All of our lucky friends and family that have tried Omnia dresses agree that Omnia is the most simple and comfortable solution for daily activity. However, at full load we have ability to produce 500 Omnia dresses in month. You know, from small beginnings come big endings, that's why we need only 60 pre-orders from Kickstarter to start a production, because we have already received 40 pre-orders before Kickstarter campaign starts. So, please, join us in our journey. This amazing product needs your help! We have manufacturing ready, and will be able to ship within 60-90 days of successful project funding. Our team has more than 5 years of accessories and apparel manufacturing experience for AGE brand ( http://age.com.ua), so rest assured this project is not an "experiment". Also we have two successful KS-campaigns and hope this will be third)) 
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Having said that, we can't always control everything life throws at us and there are always uncertainties and risks for delay in any manufacturing process. Throughout the duration of the project - we will be in contact with you, frequently updating you in every detail, every step of the way!

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