Omen Exitio: Plague
Omen Exitio: Plague

This project has already launched.

Drawing from the dark realms of H.P. Lovecraft's imagination, Omen Exitio: Plague’s story and plot will make you travel back to the late 1800's. A dark hand is moving the wheels of history, trying to wake up dark forces that can destroy and shape the world in the most terrible ways. Discover what war-scarred Madagascar, smoggy industrial Europe and ancient temples of worship have in common, in an adventure that only you can follow to the best, or maybe the worst ending.

Every decision you will take during your gameplay shapes the way the story will play out.Will you lead the world towards salvation, or will you let the darkest of creatures prevail?


NOT JUST A BOOK. Omen Exitio's story plays out like a book: page after page you will read through compelling descriptions of your surroundings, exciting combat scenes and disturbing interrogations. But this is not just a book: every decision you take will unlock different paths through the story, shaping every game differently and making your storybook truly YOURS.

NOT JUST A GAME. Every game has an exciting story to tell, its own hero, its own quests, objectives and myths. By taking great inspiration from a generation of gamebooks, we're trying to translate this reality to a videogame. We've teamed up with two professional writers to bring our story to life and imbue it with color and thrill, to bring our players the real gamebook experience.

ONE CHAPTER, MANY STORIES. “Plague” is the first chapter of a planned “Omen Exitio” series. This campaign will not only be useful to gather funds for our current project, but any extra money we will gather will be saved to continue this series. This will also help us survey our audience to see what you guys want to experience and live through the story, so that we can enjoy this journey together!

STORY AND HISTORY. Make history and change the course of time while meeting some of the Great People who shaped the past!
Throughout the story you will be able to interact with fictionalized versions of real historical figures, great scientists, chemists and pioneers in the history of Sciences!

  • H.P. Lovecraft inspired setting!
  • Multiple endings
  • Book-like story, written by professional writers
  • Vintage game-book feel and graphics!
  • Historical references
  • Available on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Alpha protoype coming out soon!

We're looking to use our initial funds to hire a professional English mother-tongue to proofread and help us edit out any mistakes in our texts. Only when we're sure about the quality of our texts, we'll be ready to release our game to the public!

Social Goals

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to read the latest updates as soon as they come out! We'll be revealing some exclusive content on those channels, and we have planned some campaign perks too, in case we reach some amazing figures on both our accounts!

1000 Total Followers - Art Reveal
5000 Total Followers - Minor Plot Reveal (locations, characters, story)
10000 Total Followers - Merchandise Giveaway!
25000 Total Followers - To be revealed

*total means Facebook and Twitter followers combined

About Tiny Bull Studios

We are an indie game studio based in Turin, Italy. We're working on several projects at the moment, and during the past few months we've started working on Omen Exitio in our free time.
RPGs and gamebooks have always been in our hearts and we really wanted to give this genre a try!
You can find more about us and our other games on our website.

About the authors

Francesco Giugiaro is a comic writer, currently working for French editor Label 619/Ankama Éditions.

Paolo Ferrara has written several short movies and is currently screenwriting the webseries Ischidados.



Risks and challenges

Omen Exitio offers the perfect mix of book and videogame, throwing back the player to a genre that has for too long been left aside both by the literary industry and the videogame industry, with this project we’ll try to shine a light on the many qualities of simple good story-telling, avoiding any gimmicky over-the-top graphic distraction, bringing you a true compelling journey. 
It will surely not appeal to everyone, the market nowadays is dominated by 3D graphics, FPS, with shallow story and very little character development and simply replacing that with pure text is a risk-taker, and we know that.

Our story will take place in a world known by many, the one inspired by the terrifying work of H.P. Lovecraft and his mysterious dark fantasies, monsters and colours. This is certainly not an easy task to take on, but our team of writers has rolled up their sleeves and has been writing and editing for weeks, in search for the right light to shine on our characters and stories. 
With the help of our supporters, we’ll be able to fund the polishing and final editing of our texts, in order to not let down any of you book-devourer, literary erudites.

We'll be managing all aspects of the publishing and distribution process ourselves, with no intermediary to help us, which will allow us to make the best of our funds.

No matter how this funding campaign will go, we will still complete the project and try to release it as fast as we can. It's a project we are all very passionate about, and since we have been working on it for months already we won't give up on it!

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