Olivia's Debut Album as a composer
Olivia's Debut Album as a composer "Where Night Never Comes" 14 original piano songs

This project has already launched.

Olivia Belli launches Kickstarter Campaign for Her Debut Album!

‘Where Night Never Comes’ is Olivia’s Debut Album & it is already getting a Phenomenal Response!

Olivia Belli is an inspiring Italian pianist and a seasoned music artist, who has already released four independent music albums. ‘Where Night Never Comes’ is her fifth album as an artist and her debut album as a music composer. She has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this album, and she is welcoming music fans from around the world to make generous pledges and donations.

“Music has been my lifelong passion and this new album is a collection of fourteen original and contemporary crossover piano songs.” Said Olivia Belli, while introducing her new album to the Kickstarter community. Her goal is to raise a sum of EUR 7,500 with this Kickstarter campaign and the album project is already getting a phenomenal response from her fans worldwide.

 "This album is all about my life, my passions, my interests: it’s the soundtrack of my daily life. It is a collection of big and small things that moved me, impressed me, left a trace on me and all together symbolize my ideal day. A day that all of us sometimes experience, a day we wish it never finishes." Underlined Olivia in the introduction.

Pledges in this fundraising campaign range from EUR 5 to EUR 5000 or more and each pledge offers a great reward. Rewards range from signed album copies from the artist to the credits of executive producer. Moreover, these rewards are offered with worldwide shipping and more details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.



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