OLHO SmartReader: The reading aid for the 21st century
OLHO SmartReader: The reading aid for the 21st century

This project has already launched.

OLHO SmartReader is a smartphone holder designed for using your smartphone for reading long texts using the integrated camera. Combined with our companion App you get a simple but effective tool for reading comfortably over long durations. The simplicity allows SmartReader to be used by everyone. It is for young, elderly or visually impaired people alike.

But just reading long texts does not limit the usage scenarios for SmartReader. The above picture shows our founders father while he is reading and commenting a blue print. And at the end: SmartReader is a smartphone holder, which means you can use it for anything you want! Like: Doing Video-Calls, viewing Movies, playing Games or what ever comes to your mind!

We want to bring this amazing tookit to as many people as possible, but in order to do this we need your support! Help us bring SmartReader and its companion App to a brought audience by supporting our Kickstarter!

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