Old London Bridge - The Virtual TimeTravel Experience
Old London Bridge - The Virtual TimeTravel Experience

This project has already launched.

Projects Colechurch's Old London Bridge is a mobile app that allows you to travel back in time and see how a place looked in the past. Using GPS and Gyroscopic data from your mobile device it becomes a window back into the past.

You will be able to wonder around and get an inspirational and immersive experience if you're in the right location or sit back at home and let your thumbs do the walking!

We're heading back to see the marvel that was Old London Bridge. Before the current Bridge, before the bridge that was sold to the Americans, there was an even more ancient Bridge that stood for nearly 600 years from 1172 till the 1830s. It was covered in houses and shops, Castles, Gatehouses and even a Chaple.

Though Medieval times of Knights and Queens, Jousts and Battles to Riots, Revolts and Rebellions. Thought the Tudor age of Reformation, execution and Politicking. Thought Civil War and Restoration, through Fire and Plague, the bridge endured housing merchants, gentlemen, ladies, craftsmen, soldiers, shopkeepers, apprentices, maids, servants, vagabonds, tramps and thieves. While being London's only gateway to the south, over which past Kings, Queens, Princes, Armies, traders, Drovers, stockmen, travellers, troubadours and Pilgrims. Carts and packhorses of goods for market and flocks and herds for slaughter.

Using cutting edge mobile gaming technology we're going to build a virtual 3d model that allows you to explore this lost world using your mobile device.

Our app will be able to tell If you're near the Old Bridge, in which case you will be prompted to just hold out your phone and use it as though it were a window in Time! If not then you can just use your thumbs and have a look round as though you are playing a 3d game.

In addition to the model, we're going to provide additional content about the history of the bridge and the people who lived and died upon though beautifully illustrated content.

Shooting the Bridge

So if you love history or London or Time Travel or beautifully re-imagined environments, join us on Kickstarter, visit the website or get in touch via twitter.






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