Off Season
Off Season

This project has already launched.

Off Season is a character based crime thriller with strong political undercurrents and the theme of inter-generational disparity.


Let's change how films are made

Instead of Independent films being financed by big studios, spending ages going through the festival circuit before being released in barely any cinemas and then on overpriced DVD's and Blu Rays we think there's a better way. Off Season will be made entirely by people who love original filmmaking based around thematically rich character studies, that love independent cinema and that are fans of our previous film Recovery.

Pay what it's worth.

Recovery is our debut film. Funded entirely independently we have now made the film available completely free for everyone to view on this page. Once you've seen the film please contribute whatever you think the film is worth to this kickstarter.

Off Season

Off Season is the story of a young man named Jacob living in modern Blackpool. Unable to craft any kind of future for himself in a landscape of rapidly vanishing opportunities and failing institutions he has turned to a life of petty crime, addiction and cheap sex. Set in the immediate aftermath of Brexit we follow as Jacob falls under the sway of Archie, a demagogue who has fashioned himself a champion of the left behind working class, as he attempts a hostile takeover of the city’s underworld.

We have the full cast and crew ready to go and have fully costed and planned out the film shoot. Recovery was made with a budget of £2,500.00.  The experience of making this film means that we can make quality films cost effectively. With £300,000.00 we will make an outstanding film that can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with a film of any budget.

Included in this budget is all the equipment, the money for the locations, every member of the cast and crew’s wages and every costume and prop. We will shoot throughout March and April and then take three months on post production. Once we have finished we will upload the film on YouTube.

Our Promise to you.

We will never try to profit from Off Season and the film will be on YouTube for free for anyone to enjoy, forever.

Risks and challenges

For the scale and ambition of Off Season £300,000.00 is a tight budget however having made Recovery at a hundredth of the budget we are confident that we could overcome any potential challenges in getting this film made.

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