Odd Grill: The Portable BBQ Grill Machine
Odd Grill: The Portable BBQ Grill Machine

This project has already launched.

Meet OddGrill - the easy to use & Affordable Grilling Machine that cooks restaurant quality Barbecues in just a minute and so much more.


OddGrill is a portable, lightweight, fold-up and compact rotisserie charcoal and gas grill that fits in a Lightweight package and can be used anywhere! It cooks different beautiful barbecues in a minute as well as an unlimited number of your favorite meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Until now, charcoal/gas fired grilling machine have only been accessible to those with a big budget and permanent, outdoor space. OddGrill solves these problems and brings authentic charcoal and gas fired cooking to everybody. Take OddGrill with you camping, to the forest, on the beach or use it in your back garden or balcony. It is small & lightweight enough to carry and easily use in a modern apartment’s small balcony. You’ll be able to achieve unbeatable cooking results anytime, anywhere.

Charcoal fired cooking is all about excitement, theater and amazing flavor.  There is a reason why artisan 'BBQ' restaurants are on the rise! It is a creative and addictive way to share social time with friends and family and we believe that once you taste the results, it’ll change the way you cook and socialize forever.


There is nothing better than a hot meal in the great outdoors. But it's sometimes hard to combine those two. That's why we created the OddGrill. It's a lightweight, fold-up rotisserie grill made from Fire-resistant materials & stainless steel for skewers that will last ages. OddGrill can be work by charcoal, natural gas or gas cylinder. It’s quick and easy to set up and start roasting. Oh, and it fits in a small space.
Ever feel limited to your backyard, or steps from your car because traditional rotisserie grill are just too heavy and dirty to take it with you? We did too, but not anymore! The OddGrill can easily be taken to the beach, camping, tailgating, picnicking, biking, hiking, fishing, or anywhere you go! Take it wherever you imagine you could be roasting! And the easy spinning design will help you do the job, so you can enjoy more time with your friends and family.

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