OAK - Cufflinks with oak from aged whisky barrels
OAK - Cufflinks with oak from aged whisky barrels


We would like to present to you a very unique cufflink. It has an inlaid piece of oak wood, carved from an old whisky barrel. A barrel that has been used to age the finest brand of scotch whisky, the... can't tell, just yet.


Bundled with the cufflinks comes a book with the entire history of the oak. Where it was cut, by whom, how it was made into a barrel, what kind of beverage was aged in it and how it got shipped to Scotland.. We will even tell you the age and brand of the whisky it contained! 

Wouldn't it be fantastic to also own a bottle of that whisky? 

It would! Of course... We'll see what we can do.

These cufflinks are the first accessories from OAK. A new brand for the elegant gentleman whom appreciates a truly fine whisky. 


OAK will not only make you look good, it will make you feel even better. This I can promise since we plan to support the fight against prostate cancer, by donating at least $10 per sold cufflink to the cause, as a tribute to our fathers. Unfortunately these donations will start after and if the Kickstarter campaign is successful. We are not allowed to do it during the actual campaign. 



We have used 3D printing extensively to test the size, function and look of the cufflinks. We can confidently say that this will be the finest pair of cufflinks you have ever owned. Continue reading and you will understand why.

  • The face is inlaid with a piece of oak that has been carved from a used Macallan whisky barrel - For style, passion and soul.
  • The backing has a curved surface - For easy fitting and elegance.
  • Fixed solid neck - For stability and ease of use.
  • Curved neck - For a better fit and to prevent rotation.
  • The perfect neck length - For less wrinkling of the cuff.
  • Neck with an oval cross section - For stability and to better fit the buttonhole.
  • Flat surface on the inside of the back - To prevent accidental unbuttoning.


Each of the cufflinks will have a unique serial number. Use this number when you register at our website to identify the barrel where the oak originates from. This in turn will open up all kind of possibilities. One of them will be to purchase the whisky from that same barrel. This, however, is a future feature and won't be available upon launch.


You love whisky and care about people and appearance. Well, that or you know of someone who does and would love to get one of these as an original gift. You might also be one of those people who want your things to mean something. To be something more than what it appears. To have a history, ambition and a soul of its own.

This is just the beginning. Join us and be part of it all.

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