Nutty Nations
Nutty Nations

Nutty Nations is a thrilling game for kids that ignites their curiosity and broadens their minds.

NUTTY NATIONS explores an intriguing world where a variety of clans coexist… but not by choice. Silly Pirates want the waters to themselves, but are drawn to the lands by the treasures they hold. Awkward Vampires secretly fantasize about enslaving all things moving, dead or alive. Rowdy Monsters make too much noise but cause little harm. All this scheming, plotting, conniving and evading, eventually lead to one thing… battle! You fight… or you perish.

NUTTY NATIONS is a digital collectible card game (CCG) that will be available iOS®, Android®, OUYA, and PC. The game will feature an exciting exploration mode for kids. When activated, expansion packs can be used to unlock various adventures in campaign mode. Designed in collaboration with top-notch researchers, industry veterans, and teachers, these adventures help ignite the curiosity of kids about topics ranging from Astronomy to Inventions to Paleontology and then let them explore the topics in further detail.

Collectible Card Games are also known to help with math and analytical skills. In addition, Nutty Nations features specially designed game mechanics that encourage the player to learn new things and help reinforce learned concepts. It also acts as an effective practice tool for problem solving and critical thinking skills.

With Nutty Nations, our mission is to finally give kids a game that is equal parts fun and learning, but where learning is such an integral part of the core game mechanics that it's transparent to the kids.

Finally, the game will feature an adventurous campaign mode that would get kids curious about a variety of subjects like science, mythology, dance, and so on. These campaigns involve role-playing in guided, goal-oriented missions.  

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