NuTec- A Comprehensive Molecular Profiler To Test The World!
NuTec- A Comprehensive Molecular Profiler To Test The World!

NuTec converts your smartphone into a sophisticated molecular profiler. Testing is Comprehensive, Easy, Fast, and Low cost.

Allows you to create molecular fingerprints of any sample from just about anywhere. Quickly and easily test foods, water, air, medicines, animals, people, etc.

One platform for unlimited applications…

Get Up Close And Personal!

Meet NuTec. It's the world's first affordable and comprehensive molecular profiler that fits in the palm of your hand. NuTec is a molecularly modified glass slide with unlimited applications.

Examples of near-term applications:

  • Determine if my baby formula or milk is contaminated
  • Determine whether my medication is what I think it is
  • Determine if this piece of chicken is contaminated with salmonella or another pathogen
  • Determine if the tap water is contaminated… whether at home or on vacation 
  • Compare one’s overall health to your friends or peer group
  • Identify novel disease biomarkers for research purposes 

Examples of future applications (not part of Croud Funding):

  • Test for various types of cancers and other diseases
  • Determine what afflicts your pet
  • Determine if a solder or field worker is exposed to toxins or biological / chemical weapons
  • Personalized medicine: Determine which treatment approach is best for me
  • Quickly develop clinical tests for outbreaks
  • Use a single platform to test for numerous medical conditions… ideal for remote missions, like those in outer space

             We want to hear from you. What applications do you want to see?

Testing the world around us, including testing ourselves and loved ones, has been limited to scientists, doctors and other experts.

A lack of knowledge directly impacts your well-being and overall quality of life.

Why not empower the individual with actionable information? Introducing NuTec. The world’s first comprehensive molecular profiler. NuTec consists of 500 synthetic surfaces that exhibit millions of nano and micro-scale pockets that bind to molecules based on their 3-D physical profile.

NuTec goes far beyond simply analyzing small molecules and also examines proteins, complexes, viruses, exosomes and cells found in your sample.

The resulting molecular fingerprint provides you with the answers you want.

The NuTec Mobile App allows you to select NuTec applications for testing your samples and to develop your own applications, whether for non-commercial or commercial purposes.

Your imagination is the limit! People think of new exciting applications and business ideas whenever we talk about NuTec. No science background is required thanks to our simple approach and cloud-based artificial intelligence for sample analysis and creation of NuTec applications.

There are numerous applications in diverse industries: food safety, biological / chemical defense, ID of drug counterfeits, testing of the environment, research, animal health, diagnostics, prognostics, etc.

Advantages of the NuTec Platform

1. Wide range of applications

2. Beyond chemical analysis… also analyzes proteins and cells

3. User friendly testing – no need for specialized testing equipment or know-how and testing can be performed at home, work or in the field

4. Fast – results in less than 1 hour, most applications in 20 minutes

5. Low cost

6. Open Platform – you can easily create your own tests for commercial or non-commercial purposes

7. Mobile – tests can be performed using your smart phone or a small scanner with our app

8. Hassle-free – NuTec is not an electronic device that needs charging or repair

NuTec is for anyone interested in making better-informed decisions or creating new ventures. It’s also great for people who want to help expand the community database of molecular fingerprints used to better understand our world. You help the entire community by developing NuTec applications.

NuTec utilizes three disruptive technologies to molecularly profile samples at a low cost.

1. Molecular Capture: Each NuTec exhibits 500 distinct surfaces on a 1 x 3 inch modified glass slide. Each surface has millions of pockets; each pocket contains many sub-pockets, and so on for a few levels deep. These pockets range in sizes and capabilities for binding molecules – similar to how a key fits into a specific lock. Molecules in your sample bind to pockets on the NuTec based on their 3-D shape, electrochemical properties, and size.

2. Molecular Detection: The NuTec is then heated to induce a series of chemical reactions that cause a change in the color of each surface. This change in color is determined by what molecules bound to a given surface on the NuTec. As a result, each type of sample creates a distinct molecular fingerprint on the NuTec that allows the cloud-based system to identify the sample. Just like a fingerprint identifies a person, molecular fingerprints identify samples and conditions.

3. Analysis: You then scan the NuTec using commonly available devices (photo-scanner, smartphone, etc.) and upload the picture to the NuTec Mobile App. This information rich molecular fingerprint is interpreted using our novel machine-learning algorithms. Within seconds, this cloud-based system provides you with your results along with a confidence indicator.



NuTec is unique in its ability to easily capture, detect and analyze just about any molecule at an affordable price.


A comparable technology is a mass spectrometer that cost over $100,000, is the size of a freezer and requires a highly trained technician to run.

The unique features of NuTec are made possible through a series of technological breakthroughs by our team in the last 2 years in nanotechnology, organic chemistry, material science, artificial intelligence and molecular medicine. It’s the combination of these advances that now allows anyone the ability to easily perform highly complex molecular testing from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

NuTec has been in development for 2 years and we are at the final stage of development. We need your help to finalize the platform, increase production and develop NuTec applications that are of highest interest to early supporters.

NuTec started as an idea in the minds of two Johns Hopkins University Medical School trained scientists. The idea is to create a single platform that allows anyone the ability to perform non-medical and medical tests from home, ‘minute clinics’, doctor’s office, battle field, your local CVS / Walgreens and even on outer space missions.

This shift in paradigm empowers the individual and democratizes limited resources. NuTec has gone through several stages of prototype development, testing and optimization. These prototypes were successfully tested using simple samples like milk, water, and bacterial cell cultures along with complex samples that include diseased and non-diseased blood, urine, breath and saliva.

The latest model is ready to move forward into mass production.


Obdulio Piloto, Ph.D.

Ian Cheong, Ph.D.

George Huang, Ph.D.

Ta Chen Chang, M.D.

Monica Goldberg M.D., Ph.D.

Daniel McVay 

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