Nuclear World Free
Nuclear World Free

This project has already launched.

Try to play the game spanning FREE on your smartphone! Help the heroes of the game to prevent a nuclear explosion, passing various obstacles and using logic. Explore the different countries and cities in the game world, opening up new levels and stages of the game. Discover the most famous cities and the land the building unlocked and read the description to mileage level. The game world and imaginary places are the prototypes of real-world locations. Meet the heroes of the game and use their unique abilities to progress through the levels. Help the nuclear particles to be peaceful, cool dangerous element with ice, without affecting his other particles.

Game Nuclear World has several interesting options that will impress your friends. You will definitely want to play again! Ability to view results in Game Center, simple and clear 2D graphics, realistic physics of particle motion, built-in comic book telling about how there were heroes of the game - here are some interesting things that has the game. So, the game has and cognitive part, showing in the gameplay as the interaction of nuclear particles and contains additional informative information on many cities around the world!

Play and develop together with the heroes of Nuclear World, save the city and making peaceful nuclear particles!

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