Nox - The new connected and predictive alarm clock
Nox - The new connected and predictive alarm clock

Having the capacity to anticipate your waking time by analysing several external variables, connected to the world and focused on your well being and health, Nox is an innovative and unique Alarm clock.



Predictive Mode : One of the best particularity of Nox are the different predictive modes. You can set up your alarm according to several external events. For example Nox can avoid futur late at work by adapting the alarm by analyzing traffic condition on your way to work. Predictive modes can also be set up on variables such as : Flight hours, Stock exchange, Weather condition. The applications are limitless; For work, for important moments or even outdoor leisure activities(surf, windsurf...).

Healthy Alarm Clock : Unlike Smartphones, Nox focuse on user's health and well-being. Programmable Waveless mode, Progressive volume (Fade In/Out), Dawn simulator, automatic screen luminosity adaptability are functionnalities which allow you to sleep and wake up serenely.

Environment analysis :  the Multiples sensors of Nox analyse constantly your sleeping environment (Temperature, Hygrometry, Air quality). In case of an anomaly Nox wake you up.

100% customizable and user friendly : Designed to be easy to use without button, Nox offers you a perfect ergonomy. Its smartphones app and LCD screen allow to control and customize everything with one simple finger gesture.

Community and connected ready : Nox has been designed to be "open". It allow the community to integrate to Nox Third plugins. Its programming interface (API) allow Nox to be connected with  other connected object or home automation basis. The alarm clock can synchronize with online application (online calendar) but also spread information of you choice (Weather forecast, notifications....). It allow to every users to create the alarm clock according to their personnality.

 Contemporary design: Nox design, inspired from origami and 3D art will fit in every interior and provoke curiosity and a modern touch.

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