The First Portable Charging Station for Businesses and Homes - The Novi
The First Portable Charging Station for Businesses and Homes - The Novi




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The Novi Charging Station is a revolutionary device, allowing businesses within the hospitality sector to lease chargers to their customers. People want to stay connected to their devices; charging them behind a desk is a matter of last resort. The Novi Charging Station means you no longer have to keep multiple devices charged and safe behind the reception desk – instead, simply lease (with or without a deposit) a battery unit, allowing your customer to charge their phone as they go about their business. When they return it, you can conveniently charge all the portable chargers with one single docking station


Each Novi Pod is powered by LG and has a 2,600 mAh capacity, which is a full charge for all the latest phones available. The devices charge phones on average 1.5% per minute, with the speed increasing based on the input charge of the mobile phone. Each battery takes approximately 2.5 hours to fully charge again and has a handy LED charge indicator at the top to easily see which units have fully charged and can be loaned. 

Novi Pods have a micro-USB and iPhone (5+) cable built in on the back using flexi-cables, allowing for a seamless and wire-free charge – no more untangling messy cables or ensuring you have enough of each cable behind the desk.

Pods can only be charged via the Novi Dock, meaning the device is rendered useless after a full charge to a customer and therefore minimising theft. For operations that expect losses or breakages (such as bars or events), we suggest you loan batteries out using a deposit based system. Replacement battery units can also be purchased separately.

Our preliminary research shows that the average order value per person using the charger goes up by 64%* and that customers receive the product very well.

Tech Specs

  • Inter-changeable charging slots for every Novi Pod using Luna Pulse Technology™
  • Each Novi Pod holds up to 2,600 mAh – a full charge on most modern mobile phones
  • 1.5 hours output charge rate for most smartphones
  • 2.5 hours to fully charge each charger
  • In-built flexi iPhone (5+) and micro USB cables – no more dealing with messy wires
  • LED status indicator to show remaining battery
  • Dock is powered by removable two-prong cable
  • Pre-order for delivery in March 2017



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