novel and revolutionary tarot cards
novel and revolutionary tarot cards

This project has already launched.

regards! my name is Adrian, I am an illustrator and I have dedicated this last year creating and designing my own tarot cards, I have all the cards already designed, I have to do the instructions and the design of the box, I have been working for free hoping that in the future this project is able to leave, is super exciting, is a unique and new style never seen in tarot cards, so colorfull, is a very novel project, I would be so gratefull if all of you help me with this exciting proyect, if i take so much help i whould print 60 copies, will be sell it and with the profits (if it works out well) could print more. Thank you very much in advance, hope you will like it 

You can see all the arcans at my web page, the  cups, golds, clubs and swords u will see it if u help me in this proyect :)

you can contact me in facebook, instagram (adrian.sardina.ilustrador) 

 or by e-mail:

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