Nouvelle Vague - Issue 001
Nouvelle Vague - Issue 001

This project has already launched.

Nouvelle Vague is an independent Surf & Lifestyle Magazine founded in Quebec, Canada. Since 2015, Nouvelle Vague has been one of Canada’s premier online surf magazines, showcasing the artistic side of surfing while creating a community along the way—a community that has spread around the world. With our international team and our devoted readers, we’ve created a space where both creativity and passion are shared daily.

After almost two years, we’re proud to say that we’re surrounded by a community of surfers that surf in the ocean, in rivers as well as in lakes. We touch topics from surf to travel stories, from culture to interviews with artists and other like-minded community members. We’re not your typical surf news magazine and we’ve never intended to be. In a world where popularity is the main objective of companies, we’re pleased to bring back the true essence of surfing—passion.

The Magazine

We started Nouvelle Vague as an online magazine, however, having our own print magazine has always been a dream of ours. After refining our style and observing the different aspects a magazine needs to thrive, we’ve decided that now is the right time to launch. In Issue 001, we’re taking you on an adventure from Eastern Canada to Western Canada, through California and South Africa, and from Australia to New Zealand. 

Our magazine consists of real stories about real people; people diving head first into honest moments. For us, people are the subjects and destinations are just details. 

Nouvelle Vague is 248 pages of surf stories, adventure essays, interviews, portraits and beautiful images. It will feature stories and photography from individuals that believe that passion comes first, including Jakob Gjerluff, Antonio Lennert of Surf the GreatsTim KothlowCatherine BernierTyler WalkerBryanna BradleyJosh WoollettAlexandra Côté-Durrer, and more! 

We want our bi-annual magazine to become your escape as well as a daily reminder that the world is just waiting to be explored. Our main goal is to create a magazine that feels like a book: a piece of art that you never want to let go.

When we first decided to launch our magazine, it was already clear in our mind that we wanted to create something of high quality. In order to do so, we thought the best decision was to ask our community, via Kickstarter, to help raise the funds needed for the cost of printing and help us build a foundation for the future of Nouvelle Vague.

The Team

Our team consists of artists, photographers and writers based in 9 different countries around the world. Issue 001 has been made possible by the commitment and passion of this international team as well as our contributors. 

Founder & Editor-in-Chief: Roxanne Rivard Theriault, Canada 
Editor: Aaron Chapman, Australia 
Photo Editor: Chelsea Jeheber, California 
Designer: Daria Vuistiner, Switzerland 

The funds raised through this campaign will go towards the printing cost of the magazine, the cost of the rewards and the associated shipping fees as we’re offering free shipping worldwide. 

Here’s how the budget goes: 

  • 55%: Production and printing
  • 25%: Free shipping doesn’t mean it’s free for all of us so 20% will go towards the shipping fees. 
  • 10%: Kickstarter takes a 10% cut. 
  • 10%: Rewards costs. 

If we’re achieving the goal and receiving a bigger amount, the money is going to be used towards Nouvelle Vague to help us build the company on solid ground and make sure that we can stick around to inspire you for years to come. How?  

  • Work towards Issue 002 of the magazine 
  • Pay all of our future contributors/team members 
  • Set aside the time to focus on working full-time on Nouvelle Vague 
  • Pay all the fees associated with running a magazine 
  • But most importantly, build a foundation for the future of Nouvelle Vague  

You’ve made it! You’ve read our whole campaign! We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read a little bit about our project. We hope this dream is going to become a reality and if it does, we hope to be the reminder that you need to get out there and explore.

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