Note Match
Note Match

This project has already launched.

We have been in the process of making Note Match a reality for almost two years!  Every day, my students ask, "When can we get one!?!" I tell them, "I don't know, but I want one TOOOOO!" We've from from sketches, to paper versions, to the real deal...!!!

Last week, we (Matt, my fiance, and I), received the second and final prototype- it's PERFECT! We are days away from ordering 3000 units. We are in a rush to order them because they are made in China, and China "closes" on January 31st. This means we need to order them, go through production, and receive them before that date. Otherwise, we will have to wait until after March!!

Above is a video of the "3 Question Method" I came up with that truly helps you to find the notes. I will be making more videos in order to better help everyone how to use Note Match! Once you get it, you can run with it and start picking up tons of sheet music and reading notes and playing piano!!! If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

A little about the product: Note Match helps to bridge the gap between learning to play piano and reading music. We honestly believe with all our heart in Note Match’s ability to help streamline reading music, whether you are a seasoned self taught hobby pianist finally making the leap to reading music or freshly starting out on your musical adventure!

We promise you’ll find Note Match to be an enormous asset in speeding up your ability to read music and overall retention while you learn this new language!

Thank you so much for possibly investing in Note Match, but most importantly yourself as you work towards acquiring a new life long skill!


Tara and Matt

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