Not So Tiny House On Wheels
Not So Tiny House On Wheels

We are putting the finishing touches on the most efficient, well crafted, and fun tri-level tiny home we've ever built!

Our goal was to create something that fits seamlessly in the backyard of a upscale home, urban setting, or open space.

There are a lot of different types of tiny homes being constructed. Some are micro, minimalistic experiments.

Unfortunately many of them are poorly constructed because they are built by amateurs trying to hobble something together without the experience or resources to create a quality result. 

On the other spectrum is the well crafted custom design that seeks to replicate all the comforts of a regular house in the largest possible footprint that can be placed on wheels.

We believe you can have it all. We are looking to create a balance of comfort and style. We are committed to creating something of exceptional quality and value.

We’re working to offer a product that you would be proud to own, to host your mother, or other family and friends or possibly to rent out to discriminating guests for additional income.  

Sign up and we will send you a color 3D video walk though of this design as well as updates on the current project.

Join us if you have been thinking about how to make your tiny home dream a reality and you want to better understand your options. You’ll learn what you need to consider as well as the how, what, and why you would consider a professionally built turn key solution.

Or maybe you’re just excited to learn more and that’s ok too.

Please sign up for updates and join us on our latest tiny craft adventure.

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