Not-so-Tiny Folding House
Not-so-Tiny Folding House

This project has already launched.

New startup NoHA (No Home Address) has announced the BiOS – a shipping container-sized unit that expands to a double-storey, 800 square foot house. The BiOS is the culmination of two years of design and engineering, with the first full-size prototype constructed over a three month period in the summer of 2016 in Devon, UK. In the spirit of the tiny house movement, the design has been optimized for DIY assembly and lowest cost by using predominantly off-the-shelf materials and components.

Project founder Richard Perkin, a mechanical engineer and inventor from South Africa, summarizes the motivation behind the project: “I loved the idea of the tiny house lifestyle, and minimalism by necessity, but I wanted more living space. I also wanted to design something that goes beyond a tiny house just being a smaller version of traditional housing – I wanted to be able to make water, grow food and recycle waste all under one roof – to provide a completely self-sufficient, mobile, off-grid solution.”

This ambitious project aims to incorporate a garden in the apex of the roof, a solar-powered atmospheric water generator that could provide a few gallons of water per hour, and composting systems for all organic waste to provide compost for the rooftop garden, as well as recycling greywater from the shower and sinks.

A crowd funding campaign has launched on Kickstarter to raise funds to complete the development of this revolutionary folding house concept. The campaign runs until December 20th, and one of the rewards available to backers is the complete set of plans and assembly instructions. There are also some crafty rewards and trinkets for those wanting to show their support, but not necessarily thinking of building their own not-so-tiny folding house!

See videos of the house in action, and follow the progress of this architectural novelty and lifestyle experiment, at

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