An old detective going head to head against a twisted organization. An unimaginable mystery waiting in the very bowels of the city. And a story that unfolds like a charmed, churned circle of deception. Expect to find yourself exploring gruesome murder scenes, facing tense shootouts and surviving narrow escapes in a noir ambiance depicted like never before in a game.Welcome to...




Take control of a private eye with a gritty past, unorthodox methods and nothing to lose. A depressive ex-husband, ex-father and ex-Sergeant, removed from the force after an awful incident. Now he just tries to stay alive making a living by snooping around and charging people for it. Enter Ray Hammond.


 Answer a phone call in the middle of the night.


Grab your revolver and keys on the way to the door, and on the hunt you go.


  Investigate the crime scene, interrogate some suspects, snoop around following clues. And as soon as you poke your nose deep enough, the big trouble begins. Try to solve the case with your wits, or your guns.


 The adventure will be presented in Chapters; similar to a Sherlock Holmes novel. Each Chapter will contain one case, one story, always noir, always bizarre. Each case has an obscure theme with a touch of corruption and paranormal mystery.


 In the first Chapter of NoseBound, you’ll play as the character Ray Hammond. Yet in later chapters, you’ll also get to play with alternate characters, like Mrs. Kovacks, the femme fatale that you’re always bound to collide with in every noir story.


 Chapters 1 and 2 share the same case, so they are both part of a same story, they both have an individual argumentative arc, but as part of a bigger story. On the other hand, Chapters 3 and 4 are new and different cases, and we'll wrap up this story arc in Chapter 5 which will be the shocking finale.  

 The game will be released DRM-Free & through Steam (for which we've already done a successful Steam Greenlight campaign) and all your favorite game portals. You can check our Greenlight campaign here:


 The game is presented as an old school point & click adventure, tuned to achieve the most enjoyable experience. Ray moves where you click (PC) or touch (iPad). In the course of the story, you’ll get to investigate several interactive areas with a tri-action menu using options such as "talk with", "take / interact with", and "look or investigate". In the game’s inventory, combine items to solve puzzles, exchange items with other characters or use money to bribe or buy information.


 You'll see your whole environment and see from Ray Hammond's eyes, as you solve puzzles, crack codes and pick locks. Chapters can end in a hail of gunfire as all other options have run out.


 Basic Goal: PC (Steam + other stores) & (DRM-free)  

 Stretch Goals: Mac, Linux, IOS & Android.

  We already signed a distribution contract with a major distribution company and we are having discussions with a Retail manufacturer interested in making a Boxed version of the game.


On the iPad version we'd like to re-design some of the puzzles to take advantage of the multi-touch technology and the accelerometer. iPad users, let us know what you think?!





To put it in some percentages, take a look at this graph to see what the money will be used for.


 This Campaign is being set in Canada, so due to Kickstarter policies our currency must be Canadian Dollars, so keep in mind that our rewards are a bit cheaper in US Dollars. Which means that when you pledge $60CAD you're actually paying U$S48. The system will show you the final conversion before making the payment.  

We are starting with the basic campaign goal of $17.000 CAD (u$s 13.000 approx.). With this budget we can finish Chapter One for PC and get it out there. With more funding we can make NoseBound into everything we dream it can be. We can put it on more platforms, and won't have to compromise or cut any corners in getting it out there. We are going to ship the game at the minimum funding level, help us make it as good as it can possibly be!  

Please bare in mind that this campaign is NOT to fund an entire development, we have more than 80% of the game done. Development that we fund ourselves with our own money. We are making this campaign because we honestly need an extra push!

 If you really like the project and would like to take it further, making it a more complete and polished product, we set up a series of stretch goals.   

It goes like this:














 Depending on the Perk amount of your choice, you'll get these incredible rewards!




 Here's a picture how we plan to distribute the rewards so you can make your choice.


  This is how organized we are. The baloons of the right are part of the flow of chapter II, so don't look!






 NoseBound hasn't been rated yet, but it would definitely get an R, as in Restricted. There's a lot of gore, nudity and crude scenes. There will be also adult language and sensitive themes involved.  

So for this, and other cultural reasons, our target audience, if we can put it in some numbers, would be something like men and women between 25 to 60 years old. PC, Mac or Linux users that love adventure games as much as we do. People that grew up with LucasArts and Sierra games, who really miss those days when games where so much more about mystery and intricate stories. Fans of the X-Files Series, Humphrey Bogart flicks, a Clint Eastwood attitude towards police affairs, people who have read at least one book by H.P. Lovecraft or Raymond Chandler, and believe that magic is rare but possible. This game is for them. We are those guys and we would definitely buy such game. And we know we are not alone, we are firm believers that there are a lot of people waiting for a game like this, out there, lurking in the dark.


 PS: This is not the Ungodly being from the rewards figurines. It was a first concept of it though that we didn't go with, want to see what it looks like now? And FYI it's not Cthulhu or any other H.P.L. myth, we were inspired by Lovecraft but we want to state that we are not working with his mythology although it has certainly influenced our work.

 In fact, take a look at this influences board to grasp a little better the philosophical depth of this project.


 Final Words 

We've gotten to this point after three years of continued effort, and we are fiercely determined to release the game no matter what. However, we won’t be able to finish Chapter I with our own resources, we've run out of funds and invested all our savings in this game. This is not an "idea" game. As you can see, we have a lot of effort invested in this project but we can't do it without your help. We really, REALLY, need your contribution. We’re counting on the enthusiasm and support of the community and fans of adventure games in order to complete our beloved project! Go team NoseBound! If we reach our first basic goal of $17.000 CAD (U$S13.000). we will be able to deliver at least Chapter One for PC, but if we can stretch to the second or third goal, we can finish the game as we intended and portray our vision with no compromises, the way it can be made.


 - Diego, Jared and the NoseBound team.














 Here I leave you with some relevant words other have said about our game.

 "Speaking of classic, it couldn't get any more classical than NoseBound, another point-and-click adventure that also seems to be set in the late 30's but this time in lovely noir-like style. While its horrific angle may not be apparent at first, the twisty and bizarre story apparently will delve into the obscure and occult while maintaining a black (or perhaps noire) sense of humor." - Agustin Cordes, Senscape

 "I bumped casually with NoseBound, and to tell you the truth, I was immediately captivated by it. Noir aesthetics is something I always loved, moistly street hallways, dark alleys and underworld characters that makes your back chill. Sure, imagine my surprise when I discovered it was an Argentinian game. Local industry is growing and growing!." - Lunatika, SHD (survival horror downloads).

 "It's been a good week for film noir fans. Even as one pulp mystery adventure is released (Face Noir), now word out of Argentina is that a new episodic indie mystery called NoseBound is currently in production." - Jack Allin, Adventure Gamers

"This game looks fantastic! The atmosphere, the art style and everything about it screams NOIR. You're doing a great job, keep it up!" - Daniel Vierna, Dark Motif

 "NoseBound is a pretty dark adventure game with a very unique style. I'd really love to see it coming." - Michael Stein, Adventure Treff

 "It will be very interesting to play a Mike Hammer type investigator that is used to solving cases with his gun and fist, unraveling paranormal cases. The noir setting enhances the creepy atmosphere, the occult cases and the interesting set of characters." - Ana Sprague, Game Boomers


 If you can't back our project but still want to help, or if you have already backed us AND still want to help us even further, we'll appreciate your social media contribution. Help us spread the word! Share this project with your friends all over the internet. Tweet, baby!! Tweet like a hummingbird!! 



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