Nob Hats - because the world needs protection
Nob Hats - because the world needs protection

This project has already launched.

Most of us know at least one nob.  Someone who thinks they know it all, or makes a general idiot of him/herself regularly.  It might be the sales guy who calls in too often at the office, or a friend of a mate who turns up when you REALLY don't want him to. 

Now you have the perfect gift!

Nob hats are actually so much more than just a novelty hat and they're ONLY available for a limited time on kickstarter!

Nob Hats is the first in a 2 stage funding plan to grow a movement to support victims of cyber bullying.

Nob Hats grew out of an instance of cyber bullying experienced within our office.  We're all "grown up enough" to handle this sort of thing, but it led us to wonder what a teenage girl would do when faced with a similar situation.

The criminal authorities rarely get involved unless the victim commits suicide as a result of the on-line bullying - which we feel is just TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE - so we are using the experience to motivate us to launch a website  "Goats Against Trolls"  and a whole movement aimed at providing support to cyber bullying victims, as well as making it "uncool" to bully on-line. 

Nob Hats is our "fun way" of generating initial funds to launch the next part of the project. 

We've set the funding bar low - and hope to reach full funding (or even better - over funding) to enable phase two to go ahead ASAP.

What is a nob hat?

Quite simply it's a "beanie" style hat shaped to look like a condom.  It's a knitted hat made with standard double knit wool and is knitted in the round to avoid uncomfortable seams.  It fits most heads.

If you find the condom shape offensive - think how much more offensive cyber-bullying is!

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