No Rest for the Wicked Ones
No Rest for the Wicked Ones

No Rest for the Wicked Ones


The tables have turned!

You control the zombies and you have only one job: Make life as hard as possible for that annoying hero. But don't kill him too quickly - cause where would the fun be in that?

Zombies :

Several zombies types are sent to you from the dungeon dimensions to use as you see fit. Some come often, some are rare. Use them wisely. Or don't! Just go apesh*t and see what happens. They arrive every couple of seconds, but you'll never know in which order.

Hero :

These heroes are so annoying. But still so fun to toy with. The seasoned zombie overlord doesn't kill his victim too soon. You need to hurt him the right amount, but leave him with enough health to continue the story.
Always keep an eye on his health bottle.

Weapons :

The hero will pick up all his weapons and head for the exit. 
Learn how he uses them, how many shots he has, how much damage they do.

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