No More Foot Odor
No More Foot Odor


Help prevent foot odor, sweaty feet, and smelly feet.

Keep your feet dry and warm.


The Little Ugly Bottle may be the only product you’ll ever need to aid in relieving:

You would have to purchase and apply a combination of powders, sprays and gels to even come close to the results you will experience with The Little Ugly Bottle.


What do you have to lose?

. . . just your embarrassing problem.


  • Tired of smelly, itchy, sweaty, tired, or blistered feet?

  • Sick of the horrified looks as you take your shoes off?

  • Afraid of revealing the Smelly Little Secret to your hot new date?

  • Annoyed by sweaty and damp feet?


Fear no more!!

The Little Ugly Bottle for the BIG ugly problem is here to save you. Unlike the countless powders and sprays and lotions of the past, the Ugly Bottle works!!

The scientific formula in The Little Ugly Bottle contains the right combination of natural ingredients and medicinal supplements to reduce bacteria growth on your feet and keep them fresh and revitalized all day.

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