NITRO KING - Make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Easily At Home
NITRO KING - Make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Easily At Home

This project has already launched.

Now is the time for new coffee. A lot of coffee brands such as Starbucks, Stumptown Coffee and Blue Bottle Coffee are selling cold brew and nitro coffee so that you can enjoy them in their coffeehouses or at home. Cold brew and nitro coffee offer you rich flavor and creamy texture of black beer that you have never experienced in normal coffee.

Brewing Company developed and tested products like Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Solutions with which you can enjoy cold brew and nitro coffee wherever you want.

Nitro coffee is based on cold brew coffee with nitrogen gas to have rich flavor and taste like Guinness black beer with soft texture.

Nitro coffee has a lot of advantages including excellent taste and flavor. 

  • Pour the cold brew coffee into the main body of Nitro King.
  • Combine the handle with the faucet and then assemble them with the coffee spear to combine with the main body.

  • Put the nitrogen gas into the cartridge shell.
  • Combine the cartridge shell with the coffee spear of Nitro King. 
  • Fix it to the spiral line and then rotate it until you hear a sound like blowing off from a bicycle tire.

  • Shake it so that the cold brew coffee can be fully mixed with nitrogen and leave it to be ripe for 1 hour. 
  • Place the glass to the nozzle and then pull the handle to the front slowly.

 Cascading : Bubbles that sink like a small waterfall and then rise again

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