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Ninja have been a part of Japan’s history since ancient times when they served those in power including daimyos and feudal lords as secret intelligence forces. It goes without saying that ninja are a part of Japan’s history, but they are also an inseparable aspect of Japan’s culture.

To create a jacket that can make anyone become a ninja, it seemed necessary to incorporate a hood that entirely hides the face and black material to conceal one in the shadows since they are both essential for espionage, and it’s these two elements we will craft into a superbly stylish jacket for this project.



Unlike the thick material of the previously crowdfunded Samurai Armor Hoodies, the material of the NINJACKET is instead made of an athletic jersey material. Everyone knows “ninja = stealth,” so it was pivotal for the NINJACKET to move well, have a comfortable texture, be lightweight, and retain warmth. The result is an extremely high-quality jacket that has more of a “ninja” feel and is suitable even as athletic wear.

The front attaches with a fastener and hides the entire face below the eyes. It features an overlapping design that isn’t printed but rather cut and sewn together.





The NINJACKET also includes the same feature of the Samurai Armor Hoodies that covers the backs of the hands.


And by putting up the deep hood…anyone can instantly become a ninja! (Pants and shoes not included) 



The pants have a ninja-inspired design that matches the jacket.

TPH_6075 (1).jpg


The pants are also made of the same jersey material and include an elastic waistband and cord to guarantee a pleasant feel, comfortable fit, and ease of movement. They also have a ribbed hemline, and when worn together with the jacket they create a full-body silhouette, turning the wearer into a true ninja.



Three color options are available: Black x Red, Black x Blue, and Black x Yellow.

Created with fun in mind, NINJACKETS can even be used to distinguish teams in an AR or survival game.






Are you ready to don a NINJACKET and become a ninja?


Size Chart


 NINJA Pants



95% polyester, 5% polyurethane

NINJA Pants:

95% polyester, 5% polyurethane 




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To everyone viewing this campaign page, hi there!

My name is bamboo, and I’m the project producer, in charge of the production of these jackets here! If you’re wondering who I am, in Japan I’m known as the vocalist of milktub, a punk rock band mainly involved in anime and game music. I also produce apparel and goods for the brand Studio696. To date, we’ve created countless apparel and merchandise for game makers and artists within Japan.

We focused on the following concepts...

  • Creating that which does not yet exist.
  • Creating something suitable for everyday use.
  • Creating an item that is both durable and appealing enough to be worn for years to come.
  • Creating something that will both appeal to guys as cool and appeal to girls as cute.


In April 2016, we at STUDIO696 succeeded in crowdfunding the Samurai Armor Hoodies, hoodies that make the wearer look like a modern day samurai, through the U.S. crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

All of us behind the project were astounded and overjoyed by the number of backers we received, which vastly surpassed what we imagined. With all of the hoodies safely shipped out, we are now challenging ourselves with the launch of a new project.

Continuing on from the Samurai Armor Hoodies, we at STUDIO696 will be releasing a ninja-themed jacket called the NINJACKET, which will be the newest addition to our ongoing “Suspicious Person Hoodie” series.

We’ve launched this follow up to the Samurai Armor Hoodies so that everyone around the world can stylishly enjoy Japan’s world-renowned ninja culture.



Reliable & High-Quality International Delivery

Your perks will be delivered to your doorstep by the Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop, an online shopping website that has delivered to as many as 100,000 homes in over 100 countries and regions around the world. With high quality packaging designed to endure the international journey and friendly customer support staff that will take full responsibility for your package until it arrives in your hands, you can rest assured!


Campaign Team

  • Project Head: bamboo from milktub (Japanese anime song artist)
  • Production: Studio696.Ltd
  • Marketing and Promotion: Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.
  • Contributor Support and Perk Delivery: Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.


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