Nimbus Token
Nimbus Token

The mission of Nimbus Token is to change the lives of small business and entrepreneurs so they can grow in a way that isn't available through platforms like Kickstarter, Kiva, and Etsy.

This is a real opportunity for entrepreneurs to help small businesses expand and grow while the entrepreneur has new tools and new ways to expand their token portfolio. This is life-changing for entrepreneurs with brick and mortar businesses by selling their goods and services via cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

One small aircraft manufacturing  business, Comp Air Aviation, has already seen the value in the manufacturing business case and is seeking to leverage our ability to take on larger orders.

Other features of Nimbus Token are…

  • Greenest token to mine

  • Product tokens on the platform are backed by fiat via retail sales

  • John McAfee is the strategic advisor

  • 40% cost savings in comparision to Kiva

  • Blockchain technology not available through Kickstarter and Etsy.


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