Nilly Bands: Wristbands that Hold Pills!
Nilly Bands: Wristbands that Hold Pills!

Nilly Bands: The new simple way to always keep necessary medicines, pills, gums, and mints handy!


Tired of carrying a rattlesnake in your pocket or purse? By rattlesnake, we mean that annoying, bulky, noisy pill bottle that stores your daily medication. Worse yet, carrying the pills you need loosely in your pocket - free to collect dirt, lint, hairs, and fibers. Like millions of others around the world, you don't want to consume dirt, lint, hairs, and fibers.

That's where Nilly Bands save the day!


Simple product, clear function.

Now carry your essential daily medications, vitamins, mints, and other small items in this trendy silicone wristband with hard plastic cover for encapsulating necessary items to get you through the day. Nilly Bands are made to be worn comfortably around the wrist, forearm, or ankle for quick and easy access whenever needed. Nilly Bands are constructed in a tough and secure fashion using a silicone band with two holes on either side of the oval. The cap has two latches that fit snugly into these respective holes and in turn encapsulates your capsules. Nilly Bands are versatile enough to be worn in any activities - from an hour at the gym to a day of hiking or a night on the town.

Can you think of a few uses for Nilly Bands?


 More and more, civilians need to fulfill daily nutritional and medicinal needs through supplementation. These supplements and medicines need to be carried somewhere and it's not always convenient to keep full bottles or packets with you everywhere you go. To simplify the lives of millions, the Nilly Band offers a way for consumers to effectively keep their medications at an arm's reach.

So what is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowd funding site dedicated to assisting in the development of new projects. THIS IS NOT A DONATION! If you like what you've seen so far, you can pledge an amount of one of the reward packages on the right. This is essentially a pre-order in the sense that you will receive the rewards in the package level you pledge if we make it to the specified goal of $15,000 in the time limit set. Our project will only be funded if and only if we reach our full goal. If not, you will receive 100% of your money back and we won't have Nilly Bands :( So help us ensure Nilly Bands are available to help out generations to come by spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter as well as pledging one of the reward packages to the side!

Why we need your help!

Nilly Bands have the potential to help millions with their need for carrying essential medicines for years to come. With your help in the pledging of a package to the right, we will be able to support the manufacturing, packaging, sales, and legalities including past and future patents and trademarks applying to Nilly. Our design team has produced two designs of Nilly Bands so far but only one (the round dome shaped one below) will be available for purchase in the initial launch phase. This was due to diligent research on what the customers preferred the most. The second (larger) cap design may be available in the future if shown enough interest. If we reach our goal, we will also be able to offer three sizes of the silicone bands. We currently have a one-size-fits most, regular size.


Our manufacturer can only process large bulk quantities so with your help, we will be able to execute these orders immediately following the closing of this project. The colors immediately available will be Black, White, Blue, Orange, Turquoise, and Glow in the Dark! With enough backing, we will be able to provides many new colors including Red, various neon colors, Purple, and Yellow.

What can Nilly Bands be used for?

Here are just a few things:

  • Chronic migraine/headache sufferers

  • Athletes and competitor's supplementd

  • Mints/Party Favors

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers

  • Women with daily prescriptions

  • Stroke victims

  • Outdoors (water purification tablets)


In addition, Nilly Bands have been featured by some of the top athletes, including SUPERBOWL STARTER Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie!!

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie of the Denver Broncos (2013)
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie of the Denver Broncos (2013)


From professional athletes at the highest of levels to children with allergies, Nilly Bands are the perfect option for ensuring you always have your necessary medications on you.

What can I put in my Nilly Band?

The possibilities are endless for what you can store inside your Nilly Band. Some things customers have shown interest in using them for are medications, vitamins, mints, contraceptives, and water purification tablets. The size of the cavity in a Nilly Band is enough to hold about four Aleve extra strength tablets.

So how did we get to this point?

I started off knowing nothing about the engineering or design process with an imagination and crude drawings of my invention. With nothing more than an open imagination, I began producing some crude drawings and sketches.

These are the actual first drawings I created back in January of 2013.

First Sketches
First Sketches



First Sketches
First Sketches



First Sketches
First Sketches

After coming up with my initial drawings, I was then able to hire design companies to produce AutoCAD and technical drawings necessary for a production prototype. Here's what we came up with.

AutoCAD NIlly Band
AutoCAD NIlly Band





I then sent these AutoCAD drawings to various manufactures in hopes I could find one capable of bringing this idea to life. A few months later, I found what I was looking for and began making some prototypes. Manufacturing consists of compressing silicone bars or tubes into the shapes of the bands using a metal mold. After the bands are molded, the caps - which are made out of a harder similar silicone material - are snapped into the small holes in the bands and they are individually packaged and distributed. We started off with two designs and showed them to potential consumers to get their opinions on which ones they liked better. Our customers spoke and we listened. After immense research, designing, and redesigning, we finally perfected the look, feel, and function of the Nilly Band.Therefore, we will be producing the original round dome shaped cap for the final run (the one on the right in the picture below).


Now that we have a final product, we are ready to begin manufacturing. Our manufacturer is capable of producing over 100,000 bands a month, so matter what the scale of production is required, we will be able to fulfill our orders. In addition, we will be creating custom "pillow boxes" to ship our bands in. These pillow boxes are fun and unique and will give even more excitement to our valued customers.

Are Nilly Bands Patented?

Yes, Nilly Bands are protected by one or more U.S. Patents or Patent Pendings and Nilly is a registered trademark of Nilly Life Ltd. We respect the intellectual property rights of others and expect the same in return. If you see any new imitations or possible infringements, please let us know at

Thank you for your support!

We at Nilly Life want to thank you for checking out our page and backing this project. Please don't hesitate to comment or send questions to our email or check out our pages. Be sure to spread the word to as many friends as possible so we can all enjoy Nilly Bands! As always, Live Nilly!

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