Nightfall - The World's Best Fragrance Enhancing Wearables
Nightfall - The World's Best Fragrance Enhancing Wearables

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The latest addition to our Lockstone™ range, Nightfall embodies the phases of our moon and is inspired by the night sky.

Crafted from our unique Lockstone™ material, Nightfall captures your favourite fragrance with just a few sprays – for a scent that lasts up to seven times longer than wearing your fragrance without it.

Nightfall brings a year’s worth of development to the fore, introducing all new designs for 2017. Alongside our phases of the Moon bracelet, Luna, we are proud to introduce the next stage of Lockstone technology. 

In our Elite pendants, you can now use oil based perfumes and you’re no longer limited to alcohol based fragrances. With a variety of bracelets reflecting times of day and the all new Orion pendants giving you greater flexibility in fragrance choices, Nightfall elevates Lockstone to the next level.

When the hustle and bustle of the day dies. When the sun sinks. When the majesty of the night emerges, a canopy littered with countless stars, ancient constellations and distant heavenly bodies, true natural beauty is revealed – to be revelled in, to be a source of inspiration for products just like ours.

The Moon has fascinated and intrigued for millennia, forming the stuff of fables, myths and legends. As controller of our tides and foundation of our calendar, the Moon is revered and honoured in equal measure. 

Representing change and growth, the lunar phases reflect life sequences - constantly shifting, ebbing and flowing as do the lives of everyone and everything. The Nightfall bracelet focuses on the ever changing Moon, waxing and waning, from crescent, to full, to new.

Innovation drives all of our products and we simply don’t believe in standing still. Our pendant range has been significantly upgraded with increased surface area for maximum hold of every fragrance and a brand new composite stone suitable for oil based scents. 

The Lockstone Elite is a composite stone that's been teamed with a dense natural fibre. The fibres act as the central reservoir for both alcohol and oil based perfumes. This allows the Elite stone to absorb twice as much fragrance than the standard stone, while still utilising the Lockstone's micro-porous structure and thus the scent releasing effect is greatly enhanced.

  • The standard Lockstone is designed to work with any alcohol based fragrance.
  • The Lockstone Elite is designed to work with both alcohol and oil based perfumes.

The pumice stone: on the outside, it’s incredibly simple – yet within it are thousands of intricate structures – structures that make for micro aerated pathways, allowing for absorption and moisture-retention for impressively long durations.

By studying this material under the microscope, we’ve created an all-new, patent pending material – LOCKSTONE™. To draw in fragrance and release it over a long duration. For expensive fragrances that are enjoyed for longer – sustained far beyond a single day.

The specific science that we draw upon is capillary action – where water molecules are drawn deep into the material, to migrate slowly back up to the surface through osmosis. It is then that the water evaporates, releasing the fragrance: slow, sustained scent release.

 Luna Eclipse - Discover The Darkness

Our all black Luna bracelet, Eclipse represents the phenomenon of the Moon blocking the Sun’s light as it moves between The Sun and Earth. Often interpreted as an omen or the will of a higher power, an eclipse has been a marvel of nature since mankind first looked up at the stars. 

Eclipse serves as a reminder of the size and scale of the universe around us and our humbling place within it.

Luna - Become The Light

Totally composed of white stones, Luna is the first breaking light of day, The Moon a fading memory of the night before.

Often times, the Moon remains as sunlight scatters across the Earth, a faint white body hanging in the sky, overcome by the power of The Sun, waiting for day to become night and once again be the bright light of night’s sky.

Luna Dusk - Embrace The Change

As the day starts to end and the sky is filled with colour, darkness creeps across the Earth as we turn our back on The Sun.

With the growing blue abyss appearing above us and the dazzling orange, pinks and reds of the sunset begin to disappear beyond the horizon, The Moon starts to shine, replacing the Sun subtly at first before it flourishes to become the dominant light of the ending day.  

Orion - The Talisman Of Strength

Orion remains as much a myth to us today as he was to the Ancient Greeks – his prowess as a hunter has been forever remembered and infinitely re-told, while his silhouette is eternally immortalised as a proud and instantly recognisable constellation amongst a vast and endless sea. 

Now, forged in steel to be worn about the neck, the Orion pendant is a talisman of strength.


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Whatever your scent, Lockstone captures it. Simply spray the stones and watch as your fragrance is quickly absorbed and stored within.  

1. Spray Nightfall with your favourite fragrance - Watch as the liquid saturates and is gradually absorbed.  

2. Leave the Lockstone™ for a few minutes – Allowing the fragrance to be fully infused.  

3. Your fragrance will then be locked within the stone - Through its micro absorbent structure your scent will gradually be released throughout the day.


We make all of our bracelets by hand to our standard size guide. If the options available don't suit your particular size, just let us know and we can create a custom bracelet for you. 


Risks and challenges

After six highly successful Kickstarter campaigns, we're very much accustomed to the running and fulfilment processes that come with crowdfunding.

We have arrangements in place with Royal Mail as our shipping partner to distribute worldwide, with shipments currently occurring every working day.

As we now produce Lockstone items daily, we are set up to create the Nightfall range. While running our previous three campaigns, we still operated our regular day to day business, distributing large numbers of parcels daily. With our new partnership with Royal Mail, we can now generate our own postage labels, cutting down considerably on time and allowing us to fulfil even quicker than before.

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