Nickel Relief
Nickel Relief

Forget about your nickel allergy

Apply Nickel Relief to your metals and create a lasting barrier between your skin and nickel.


Nickle can cause rashes like these




How it works

Use the brush or spray to apply Nickel Relief to your item.

Pick anything you like: earrings, necklaces, belt buckles, buttons, bracelets, or even cell phones.

After it dries, your item is safely shielded and nickel will not come in contact with your skin. One coat is all that is needed for lasting protection.

Our goal is to leave you worry free to wear whatever jewelry you like.

We understand how important your skin is to you, and that's why Nickel Relief is also 100% natural and made without any toxic ingredients.


Why it's different

It is 100% natural and contains no harmful ingredients or chemicals. Contains 85% organic ingredients.

An ultra-clear formula keeps your jewelry looking new.

It has been designed to stand up against all levels of wear and tear. 

Use it on "hypoallergenic" jewerly too because even that can wear down and expose you to those dreaded rashes.


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