Nibnook: Tool for Writers
Nibnook: Tool for Writers

What is Nibnook?

Nibnook is an online writing tool and platform that helps to bring a writer's story to life. It is a step-by-step guide about your story's characters, actions and motivations. Writers are given the archetypal information needed to work through story creation, character development and world building. Nibnook solves the problem of the dreaded writer’s block.

Nibnook is a system for writers of every genre and level, whether fiction or non-fiction. The tool provides your storyline as well as the perspective of every character in your novel. It offers in depth information about your story, characters and worlds.  Nibnook does not take the place of your creativity, imagination or skill as a writer; it simply provides you with deeper insight into every aspect of your story.

You provide the ingredients; Nibnook creates the recipes, maps your story and ignites your imagination.

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