Nian - Flip Flap Chinese Learning Game
Nian - Flip Flap Chinese Learning Game

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Learn Chinese culture and Chinese at the same time!

In this game, you'll learn about 50 Chinese characters and Chinese New Year culture. All the players will work together cooperatively, learn Chinese characters, and accomplish tasks to fight against Nian.


Picture-assisted learning

You can find picture cards and character cards in Nian, which provide simple and clear explanations and stories for memorization. The picture cards tell the origins and meaning, while the character cards tell the writing and pronunciation. Learning Chinese characters is more than strokes but listening to stories told by the pictures.

Efficient and fun learning

All the picture cards are made to demonstrate the meaning and origins of the character, and thus make learning easier and more interesting.

By pairing the picture cards and character cards, players have repetitive reinforcement and learn these characters efficiently while having fun with the game.

Besides, there are multiple ways to play with the cards, which makes Nian a versatile learning tool in learning Chinese.


Chinese learning is more than literacy

Nian is task-oriented, story-embedded, and colorfully-motivating. It also fosters cultural learning and cooperative learning while players work with one another to accomplish the tasks.

The tasks are designed for players to 'live in' the Chinese New Year customs, which makes Chinese learning is not only literacy learning but also cultural learning - a motivation booster!

Complete Chinese learning kit

Nian has a manual, a map, five pawns, 50 character cards, 50 picture cards, a Chinese New Year culture learning sheet, and a portable Nian bag so you can enjoy Chinese learning everywhere!

In addition, all our backers will get a poster of picture card and character card pairs with explanations in both traditional and simplified Chinese FOR FREE!




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