NFC Labels and NFC stickers bring people in a new world
NFC Labels and NFC stickers bring people in a new world

This project has already launched.

NFC labels help set your mobile phone in seconds

When you whacked back home after a whole day work, you would like never receive calls, there are two NFC labels put on the front of your door, one as set by you means silent mode, one is normal mode, you just need use your mobile phone scan the silent mode NFC label, your phone would not ring again, you can enjoy your night now! The next morning, before you go outside, just take your mobile scan the other one, normal mode active, you can start your work now, how convenient NFC labels!nfc-label-application

NFC Stickers help you find what you want in the scenic region

In the holiday, you make a plan to visit a scenic region, it’s so big and complicated, will you are afraid of lost your way? Absolutely no, there are NFC stickers on the way, you just use your phone, read it, restaurants, hotels, rest places, all come out, you just click where you want to go, just go with the navigation, as you have a personal guider. Even if you are hungry or sleepless, you can book a snack or hotel finished all on your phone. What amazing journey it is!

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