Newbeem Wi-Fi Smart Outlet
Newbeem Wi-Fi Smart Outlet

What is Smart Outlet?

Smart Outlet is a portable power outlet that you can control from your phone. With our free app on your smart phone, you can remotely turn on /off the devices, which are plugged in, or dim the lights. No hub is required, It is simple and awesome.

Awesome Features

The existing smart-phone-controlled-outlets on the market are not ideal, which only offers user to switch the devices on and off. We re-imagined the power outlet, adding more wonderful features. First thing first! No more set-up nightmares to loose your confidence. With Smart outlet, you don’t really need to do anything but plug it in, to have a smart home that is the coolest in your neighborhood.



Smart outlet connects to your smartphone, no matter operates on iOS or Android system, enabling features that will forever change the roles that you think a wall outlet can do.


We all know how important to live in a comfortable home. This smart outlet will give you ability to create the perfect atmosphere by changing the brightness of your lighting via your phone; it even remembers the owner's daily habits and adjusts the lighting mode automatically.


Forgot to turn off your lights? We got your back. Smart Outlet has a built-in timer so you can set up and switch on/off your lights on certain time. Set up your timer using NEWBEEM app then move on. What’s more, this Smart Outlet has pre-set programs, with which you can control your lights following pre-set patterns. You can also create your own patterns with an easy platform on the app. Your lights will love to dance with Smart Outlet!

______________________________________________________________________We all need to travel sometimes and naturally would worry about the safety of home while we are away. Having lights on and off as usual can provide protection of your home. That’s why Smart Outlet has a powerful back-end server, which let you control your lights anywhere remotely - whether you are on a business trip or you are on vacation.

______________________________________________________________________You don’t just need another regular power outlet for your devices. Thanks to the smart technologies, this Smart Outlet can act as your home assistant, helping you manage your devices without you spending extra energy or time on them. Have fun with it. It is so easy and safe that your kids will love it too.

Welcome to the 21st century. It's about time to update to the outlets that you deserve.

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Introducing Smart Switch

We are so excited to announce that our newly designed product Smart Switch, has just accomplished all of design tests and ready for mass production! This simple light switch will allow you to control your lights either by hand or from your smart phone and No hub is required. The switch installed on the wall with a built-in dimmer gives you the freedom to dim your lights by phone or by touching the surface. It has all the other best features as our first product but more! So if you enjoy the portable Smart Outlet, you will fall in love with the Smart Switch right away.

Who We Are

We are a group of IT nerds, EE engineers and artists who are passionate at creating beautiful things with new technology. After more than one year working hard, we now have fully functional Smart Outlet ready for mass production. We’ve harnessed the best of technology and design to provide amazing features to make modern home-owners smile.


Product Specs.

Wireless Spec.: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n

Wi-Fi Range: 30 metters

Outlet Type: Surge Protected

Input Voltage: 90-120V

Output watts: Wi-Fi outlet Max 200W, regular outlet:1000W

Plastic Case:Class V0 fire resistance

Timer Spec.: 1 minute interval setting.

Supported phone: iOS devices 4.0 or above, Android devices 4.0 or above.

Security: 128bit AES encryption of transmission

Risks & Challenges

As with most hardware projects on Indiegogo, the biggest concerns for people tend to be around manufacturing and supply chain. We've built a team of veterans who have shipped technology products (both hardware and software) many times before. Each member of our team is known for his or her ability to deliver. Additionally, Andy Feng, our CEO, who spent the last 15 years working with top global telecommunications companies, is on top of every detail to ensure the process of creating and manufacturing the world's best telecom products. We already have signed contracts with several manufacture partners and will start the production immediately once funds are available.

Of course, as with any startup and product ramp, unforeseen challenges do come up. You can be assured that we will tackle any issues or bumps in the road head-on, as we have many times over before. We'll also keep our backers up-to-date and well informed. It's how we roll. Other Ways You Can Help If you can not contribute this time, you still can help us by sharing this product info to your friends using the Indiegogo share tools.

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