New Winter and Water Version Inflatable Cloud Air Bag Design
New Winter and Water Version Inflatable Cloud Air Bag Design

This project has already launched.

This new fun patent pending design laysack inflates in 10 seconds without the need for a pump or wind! Waterproof & resistant to cold!


When you are out and about, take this comfortable new design inflatable lay bag with you. It is super lightweight and perfect for lying in the sun, enjoying beach time or a picnic with your friends, or even a WINTER day in the snow! You can also use it as an easy laybag sofa at home to chill with your friends. The laysack inflates in seconds; no pump or wind needed!  

This new lay bag version is 2 times wider and fully waterproof, which makes it an amazing choice for water and winter fun thanks to its high resistance to stretching and cold temperatures! Take this air mattress to the beach or winter slides, use it at home as an inflatable sofa, or take it to the pool – it's waterproof! You name it! Safe for children.

This laybag is an awesome choice for hanging out with friends, camping, swimming in the pool, outdoor BBQs, sliding in the snow… The new material is fully waterproof and resistant to stretching and cold temperatures! This version comes with 4 easy ropes to help you pull and hold it in the water or during winter slides!  

☆ NO PUMP NEEDED! The "Inflatable Cloud" air sofa inflates in 10 seconds without the need for a pump! You can even inflate it at home with no wind at all! See our "how to" videos!  

☆ PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT. Comes with a comfortable bag pack! Enjoy a beautiful, sunny day at the beach with this awesome waterproof swimming airbag, or take it to winter slides to have Christmas fun! Safe for children. 

☆ WATERPROOF, DURABLE and MADE TO LAST. Made of the highest parachute-quality premium polyester cloth and PVC, it can bear up to 350 pounds, which means 2-3 people can comfortably fit on it.

Comes with 2 special bonuses:


A) Universal Phone Waterproof Case to keep your iPhone/Samsung or similar phone safe during water or winter fun activities. Fits even bigger size phones! Record your memories and protect your phone from the sand, snow and water!

 B) 3 Super Strong Repair patches to fix minor cuts so your fun never stops with this awesome waterproof swimming airbag! Same technology patches as in car tires help fix your airbag on the go!


We have an enthusiastic and skillful team ready to rock, a working design prototype that was well tested in water and winter slides and a hardworking factory that agreed to start producing! All we need is your love and cash to do it :)

We have been producing fun lifestyle products like hammocks, airbags and masks for years, so we are confident we can get this done with your support!


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